Sunday, April 08, 2007

BNP field record number of candidates

Last year, in the local elections the BNP put up 365 candidates. This year there will be atleast 828 candidates in the council elections. This does not include candidates for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. 828 candidates is the largest number the BNP have ever fielded.

I have to say even I didn’t expect such a large number. I was thinking that we would probably have around 600 candidates.

Even if the BNP only have 5% of their candidates elected that still means that there will be another 41 BNP councillors. I expect that the number elected will be into the 60s and possibly creep into the 70s. I bet Searchlies and other far left groups are literally shitting themselves. They will have a hard time spreading lies in all 828 wards.

Good luck to all BNP candidates.

Hat Tip: Nationalist News.


Bag said...

It will certainly be an interesting time.

alanorei said...


This is good news.