Thursday, April 26, 2007

Asylum seeker sues because of no pool table

AN asylum seeker is suing the
Home Office for £50,000 — because there was no POOL TABLE at his deportation centre.

Mohamed Sadikeen, a convicted criminal, claims he suffered “humiliation” at being held following a spell in jail.

And he says he endured “distress” because there was no games room in the unit.

Sri Lankan Sadikeen, 39, spent a year at Campsfield House, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, while officials decided whether to deport him.

They eventually reversed a previous decision and ruled he could stay in Britain.

The dad of two originally entered Britain in 1993, was booted out in 1995, but sneaked back in 1997.

He was jailed for three years in 2002 for conspiracy to steal but served less than half his sentence.

Let me get this straight. We deported him when he wasn’t a criminal. He sneaked back in and committed a crime and then we decided not to deport him and then he sued us for lack of a pool table. Good going by our government.

We should have deported him for being a criminal and we shouldn’t be letting none citizens sue anyone.


Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

I cant believe how bad our Liberal country is getting. He should have been deported and when re-caught he should have been on a plane out of our country in less than a day..

Anonymous said...

been reading the sun eh?

who was on page 3?