Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Whites failing but NUT care about blacks

Even though white boys are underperforming more than black boys we must do more to help black boys according to the National Union of Teachers.

Maybe someone should tell NUT that ethnic minorities are already get hundreds of millions of pounds extra for their education which is why white boys are failing. If white weren’t being discriminated and received equal funding they would do far better but they don’t. The only ones that need more help in education are white people.


Anonymous said...

i think this is a CLASS issue, and not a race one. the relevance of the nut talking specifically about black kids, was in relation to the london education authorities - where the poorest kids, blacks, poor wjites and other ethnic minorities - whom are all poor, are more likely to be educated, than the middles class kids whose parents bully teachers into admitting them into schools in more affluent areas - against catchment areas.

Nobby said...

It's anice thought but it is about race. The new leader of the NUT said that schools are institutionally racist, not classist. She specifically said that the fact that black children do not perform as well as they might is as a result of the racist attitude of the schools and teachers therein. That is what they were talking about, that is what they meant. White children not succeeding, not our problem mate, must be because they are not clever enough! You would think that a union that represents teachers would be clever enough to notice the hypocrisy in their own rhetoric. NUT by name, NUTS by nature.