Thursday, April 26, 2007

Police spend £2.3 million on diversity training

Yesterday I received a response to a freedom of information request I made. My question was "How much money did Cleveland police spend on diversity training during 2005/06 and how much are they expected to spend this year”.

I would have asked for all the country but with my experience with freedom of information I knew they would say it would cost too much to find out. Their answer was that they will be spending £45,282.34p for this year. Last year the cost was £33,282.11p

As you can see this year alone it has increased by about 33% from the year before. After looking at the figures I then did an estimate of what it would cost all the police forces in the country. According to the UK police service website there are 52 area police forces.

Estimating that they all spend £45,000 on diversity training I found that UK police forces probably spend more than £2.3 million pounds overall. Baring in mind that Cleveland is probably the whitest area in England it probably comes to a much higher cost.

I wonder how many prison places that would have bought?

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Tom said...

Or extra police on the beat, or hospital beds or nurses?
Roll on May 3rd!