Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soldiers in Iraq told to buy own food

BritisH soldiers
Iraq were told to buy pizzas — because the Army had no food for them.

The shocking revelation was made in an e-mail home from a squaddie in Basra. Now his complaint has been taken up by his MP, SNP leader Alex Salmond, who accuses the Government of complacency and failing in its duty of care.

The soldier’s e-mail claimed that when he and his colleagues found there was no food available they were told to go out and buy pizzas and claim back the cost. “Now we have been told we are getting no claims,” he went on, “so basically the Army are saying we need to fend for ourselves. “We miss quite a lot of meals because we are out on patrol.”

The soldier also complains about the state of their equipment. “When we came out, nearly everyone in the company got sore feet from the poor quality Army boots.

“We were told that to get a new, better pair we would have to get a medical note. “Some of the boys are having to walk about with their feet in tatters and others have had to splash out more than $200 on new ones.

This is a new low. Why are they doing everything they can to treat our soldiers like shit? Just last month we found injured soldiers weren’t even given compensation when they were injured so badly that they would never fight again. Now we are expecting our own troops to buy their own food? What has this country come to?


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I agree with you on this one mate. Thankyou for highlighting this.

SWIFT&BOLD said...

this is bloody disgusting could you imagine the stink they'd kick up if our ruling government weren't fed when attending the commons, total bloody uproar.