Sunday, March 18, 2007

The treatment of soldiers

The government is again treating our soldiers like dirt. More than 7000 soldiers have been seriously wounded, so much so that they can no longer fight. The injury compensation that they should be receiving is going to be delayed for up to three years. This has already meant that one wounded soldier who had his arm blown off could not afford to heat his home at Christmas.

Private Challis, 23, was shot in April 2004 during a night ambush on his patrol. Bullets hit his back and arm and he thought he was going to die. Now he lives in agony and poverty.

L/Cpl Keegan, 25, was badly wounded while storming an Iraqi trench. A home-made grenade exploded between his legs and he could now be left infertile.

Even when they do receive anything it is a paltry sum, not enough for anyone to live on. It is a betrayal of our fighting men. Colonel Tim Collins discovered after leaving service that he was entitled to compensation for neck and ankle injuries sustained in a parachuting accident. It took him six months to arrange monthly payments of £114.

This is not all. Since the Iraqwar began more than 2000 troops now have mental health problems however there are only 13 psychiatrists to cover the whole Armed Forces.

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