Sunday, March 11, 2007

In 3 years 1 million people enter Britain

More than a million foreigners have been allowed to come to work in
Britain in just three years - and given the right to remain indefinitely.

The numbers of migrants, who are also entitled to bring their families and settle, have been revealed in new figures released to MPs by the Home Office. They reveal for the first time the full impact that officially sanctioned immigration is having on the UK work force.

They show that the issuing of work permits to people from non-European Union countries continued to accelerate even after the expansion of the EU in 2004, which has already brought an unprecedented number of eastern European workers to Britain.

Between 2004 and last year, a record 309,000 non-EU citizens were granted long-term work permits carrying potential entitlement to settle.

In the same period, 555,000 eastern Europeans have also joined the UK's Worker Registration Scheme, while the Home Office estimates that a further 150,000 eastern Europeans have come to Britain as self-employed.

It is not known how many of the million migrants have exercised their right to stay in Britain, or how many have returned to their home countries. Overall, according to the Home Office, one-tenth of Britain's adult population -about five million people - is now foreign-born.

Is it any wonder that the BNP look like they could double their number of councillors and have the potential to get an extra 93 councillors elected?

The government has shown that they no longer care about British people, it is doubtful whether they ever did. People are finally seeing that the BNP are the only choice to save the country.


james higham said...

Do you make any distinction between those who are of British stock, e.g. Canadians and those who are clearly from other stock?

youdontknowme said...

Those of British stock are clearly more desirable because we share a culture, history and language which means they would more easily integrate however I still would stop any immigrants from coming here even if they were of British stock.

alanorei said...

I think an exception should be made for white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic immigrants from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa. They are basically kith and kin.

Practically speaking, they would be very few in number - most WASC immigration is the other way, from Britain to the old Dominions.

But such as did immigrate here could be easily absorbed and assimilated.

However, all non-WASC individuals, whether born here or not and including all eastern and southern European cheap labour*, should eventually be repatriated** to their countries of ethnic origin.

*Their employers won't like it but these employers have been shown to be subverting the British economy by subscribing to cheap foreign labour imports and that in itself should be considered a treasonable offence, under a BNP Government.

Such employers should have the option of avoiding a treason trial by employing exclusively WASC Brits or those from the old Dominions - at nationally agreed wage levels. Employers' greed aimed at undercutting such wage levels was what started the foreign influx in the first place - and the job offshoring. This kind of deliberate damage to their own country should not go unpunished.

**That includes from the Channel Islands as well, where large numbers of incoming Portuguese have distorted the labour market for decades, especially on Jersey.

Basically, they are out of bounds in Britain and their countries of ethnic origin have much greater land areas to accommodate them.