Thursday, March 08, 2007

Parliament votes for 100% elected Lords

In their typical class hatred Parliament voted to have a 100% elected House of Lords on the basis that it would be more democratic even though democracy would actually make this country less democratic. Yes it’s a paradox and Parliament doesn’t understand.

Democracy is based on the basis that there are checks and balances; well it is for a country with a population our size. Having elected lords would pretty much destroy the most important checks and balances.

The year is 2015…

Prime Minister Miliband of the newly elected Labour government successfully passes the controversial bar codes law stating all children under the age of 18 must report to the nearest coding facility and have their mandatory bar code tattooed on their hands. The law is up for a vote in the Lords. Despite opposition from the public because it was never in their election manifesto the Labour dominated Lords pass the law. 3 months later children are queuing to get their bar code.

Back to the present…

That will of course never happen but just substitute the bar code legislation for ANY legislation. If the Lords are to be elected it will just be a clone of the Commons and any check on the government is lost.

Politicians will just toe the party line. Those unelected Lords do not need to do that. The whips are effectively powerless in the Lords. This has been shown time and time again. If it wasn’t for the Lords the ID cards wouldn’t be optional. They would be mandatory.

All those that are against the Lords constantly parrot that it is an undemocratic institution. Have they ever asked themselves the most important question? The question being ‘does it work?’ The answer is of course it works. It has shown that it works for hundreds of years.

I agree, it does need a bit of reform but not so much that it means that it is 100% elected. The reform I have suggested has been blogged about here.


alanorei said...

This means 100% Tony's cronies, or Daveyboyhugahoodie's or whoever else is the EU PM puppet when this comes into force.

Honest, folks, I'd rather have Shaun the Sheep in No. 10. (he's on in about 10 minutes, so this post will be short.)

Unless we can achieve a BNP Government in the next few years.

As for barcoded humans etc., it will happen before 2015. Read Revelation 13 in the Book this country has had access to since the year 1611.

And is now seriously paying the price for having junked it.

Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

I have changed my views with regard to the Lords. I think it should be 100% appointed. We should get the best brains in every walk of life in to the Lords. If you watch their debates you realise how important they are to our democracy.