Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asylum seekers paid to go then come back

THOUSANDS of asylum - seekers who pocketed Government bribes to quit
Britain are heading back to the UK - to claim a second helping.

Last year alone, more than 6,000 foreigners were handed up to £3,000 each plus a plane ticket to leave.

But under barmy Home Office rules, there is nothing to stop them returning to ask for asylum AGAIN in the hope of grabbing another bundle of taxpayers' cash.

The "free money" scandal costs Brits more than £40million a year in payouts, air fares and admin costs.

At least 300 people have already been caught returning to Britain to try to get another pay-off under their real names.

Incredibly, 200 of the 300 who were nabbed were later allowed to stay in the country.

I thought the government was stupid but I didn’t think they were that stupid especially when they even let the ones that have conned us stay in the country. These people are idiots.

Hat tip: Burning Our Money.


The Green Arrow said...

Now that hurts. I had read this a few months ago but I figured the government could not be that stupid.
Guess I was wrong.

alanorei said...

They are either stupid or traitors or both.

That is why they are in power, because their EU and other masters want it that way.

Sad to say, altogether too many Brits still don't care, so long as they have football, booze, 'partners' and wide-screen TV.

Steve Moxon's book The Great Immigration Scandal describes how expelled immigrants simply join on the end of the queue.

This only happens because it is allowed to. Moxon's book and other works on immigration, e.g. Overcrowded Britain by Ashley Mote, should have caused a national outcry and double-dissolution of parliament, pending unilateral withdrawal from the EU.

They didn't.

Brits, by and large, have only themselves to blame.

Another example, why aren't the English vociferously demanding the expulsion of all Scots and Welsh MPs from the Commons? These parts of the UK have their own parliaments now. Yet there is no outcry even about the prospect of a non-English MP becoming the next PM.

P.S. It seems to take several attempts to post a comment - and it is best to copy the draft or it might get automatically deleted. Is this normal for the blog?

youdontknowme said...

It is only normal for blogs if you take too long to type what you are wanting to say and you have to put a code in because the code changes after a few minutes.

alanorei said...


I will aim to be briefer in future.

(Got in pretty quickly this time.)

Stan said...

Surely the only surprise is that anyone is surprised?