Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 2007 roundup

The month started with the government deciding they were going to fire a load of government workers because their town was too white and relocate to a more none white town.

A few days into the month we found a senior policeman with some sense who announced that smacking children would help reduce crime. He must be the only copper with some sense because police in Suffolk told residents that criminals were about to be released from prison but refused to give a description even though it was thought that they would re-offend.

Asylum seekers were paid thousands of pounds to go home and then decided to come back and try and get paid again and there was nothing to stop them doing so.

Labour doesn’t exactly care about crime anymore. They have decided to allow female criminals to escape prison for being female. That’s an ingenious way to reduce the prison population…

Stupidity is kinda what the government do best especially when we find that the Thatcher government thought up a plan to catch Nessie with a team of highly skilled dolphins.

Stupidity isn’t necessarily a government thing either, if it was a disease it has spread to the opposition too. They seem to want to tax people the more they fly.

Continuing with the stupidity theme it also seems like stupidity is part of local government too after a pensioner was threatened with a fine and a wheelbarrow confiscation if he tried to put sand back on a beach.

The judiciary were acting stupid too, well one judge was who decided that he would give a thief one last chance and not send him to jail even though he had already had more than 90 other chances.

The government also decided if you don’t have an ID card when they come out you will be banned from laving the country. It’s just a pity they won’t ban people from entering the country. Maybe then 1 million people wouldn’t have entered in just 3 years?

We all know the government hate our armed forces which is no surprise that soldiers aren’t being paid compensation when they are injured so badly that they will never fight again. No wonder that so many of them have mental health problems. Maybe the government should have more than 13 psychiatrists to deal with them?

Immigration was in the news again. It was found that higher than expected immigration numbers will make the housing crisis even worse than it is already. Immigration could also be the cause more baby deaths and physical harm for mothers. We are not the only ones suffering. Children in Romania whose parents have come here are getting so depressed that they are killing themselves.

Labour decided to legalise bank robbery for them by allowing them to take money from bank accounts that people hadn’t touched for 15 years. I wonder if they forgot about their baby bonds that they gave people. If he they did forget maybe we should tell them that it could harm the poor? They probably wouldn’t care anyway seeing as how in the budget they decided to tax the poor more. In the 1997 budget they decided to punish pensioners and people on low incomes more by taxing their pensions so Brown has a track record of hurting the poor. This is why they are allowing immigrants in, because it lowers wages of the people on low incomes.


james higham said...

Pretty good summary here, Wayne.

alanorei said...


If it was April 1st, I'd think that the reports on the government were an April Fool's joke.

Trouble is, it is but they aren't