Saturday, March 10, 2007

Millions to be banned from leaving Britain

Remember those pesky ID cards that the government said would be voluntary? Well it seems that the government is stretching the meaning of ‘voluntary’. You can still opt out of the ID cards but you will be banned from leaving the country. The only countries that have ever banned their people from leaving their own country was the USSR and present day North Korea and Cuba all of which love freedom so much.

5 million people are expecting to refuse to go along with having an ID card which means that millions of people will be refused the right to leave the country.

This is not voluntary. The government doesn’t have a clue what voluntary means and continues to get more and more totalitarian. I for one will not be getting an ID card. Infact if they phone me up about it I will tell them where to stick it. Unfortunately this might mean that I am going to be banned from leaving this country for the rest of my life. I had no plans to anyway…

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