Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Women to escape justice

Only the most dangerous female criminals should be kept behind bars, a controversial Government report has said.

Thousands of women currently sentenced to two years or less would escape jail.

And those who are such a threat to the public that they must be sentenced to custody would no longer go to one of the country's 15 women’s prisons – which would all close.

Instead, killers such as Rose West – serving life for the murder of ten young women and girls – would be sent to "homely" local custody units.

There they would be allowed to live as a "family unit" with between 20 and 30 other women prisoners, organising their own shopping, budgets and cooking.

Oh just wonderful. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier for criminals to escape justice this comes along and shows you it can. Get ready for a female crime wave. If they murder someone in the process it’s ok. They would be sent to live with a family unit.

Whats to stop a male and female mugger killing someone in the process of their crime and then just saying it was the female who did it?


alanorei said...

What ever happened to 'equality'?

Leonard Deakin said...

Funny it should be announced at the same time the issue of compensation for equal pay is about to reek havoc on men's pay in the public sector. Never mind, perhaps the point we are all missing is that female shop lifters, muggers and the like are only managing to get away with a smaller proportion of "swag" than their male counterparts! Yet more confirmation that this Government wants total equality for everyone except white male Non-Islamic heterosexuals. Ironic that it is that group that actually contributes far more proportionally to the economy than any other.