Monday, March 26, 2007

Elect the BBC boss

MARK THOMPSON, the head of the BBC, is to be questioned by MPs over the “dubious” content of the corporation’s channel for young adults after commissioning a string of programmes with expletive-ridden titles.

The latest offerings from BBC3 include F*** Off, I’m a Hairy Woman; F*** Off, I’m Ginger; and My Big Breasts and I.

Other shows to be broadcast on the digital channel later this year include a £200,000 documentary, The History of the C-Word, and a programme about the size of men’s penises.

Critics believe that BBC3 has plunged to depths of sensationalism that were once the preserve of Channel 4 when it earned its then boss, Michael Grade, the newspaper columnist’s soubriquet of “pornographer-in-chief”.

The critics claim BBC3, which is aimed at the 16-34 age group and has an annual budget of £93m, is failing to meet the BBC’s public service remit and is a waste of licence payers’ money.

We all know how biased the BBC is. They have even admitted it. We also know that they are an anti British broadcasting co-operation with a Marxist agenda. Even when the a decent party comes to power it is going to be very difficult to change this but the BBC needs to be purged of the loony left and other anti British elements and I have a way to do this easily.

If the BBC is to remain the property of this country (and I would like it to) I think citizens should decide who runs it. I think democracy can be used. We should be deciding on how it is run. We should decide on the BBC Chief Executive Officer, either that or we should be able to elect the 12 BBC Board of governors (or trustees as they are now known). Each UK region (there are 12 of them) could elect their own governor and they could work together and decide on the running of the BBC.

The leader (or leaders) of the BBC could decide on how to fund the BBC, if there should be a license fee and what programmes they will show.

They could also decide on the employment of the BBC. Lets face it, most BBC staff wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the BBC being Marxist inclined. The utter rubbish that they turn out would be stopped in an instant if there was democracy in the BBC.


Onyx Stone said...

You want the public to decide who runs the BBC?!?!? ...the same crowd that chose Tony Blair three times in a row!?

youdontknowme said...

It's better than what we have now. I think the government chooses the governors anyway.

People are starting to wake up. Labour won't be in much more and I hope they are never in again.

youdontknowme said...

If we were to elect 12 governors and if they belonged to political parties they probably wouldn't vote Labour anyway.

Just look at the election 2005 map:

In the South West we would have the Liberals or the Conservatives. We might get Labour in london or we might get Conservatives. We would get Conservatives in the rest of the South East, East of England and Midlands. In the West Midlands it would be a toss up between the Conservatives and Labour. The Libs would probably win in Wales. The North West would probably go to the Conservatives. Yorkshire and Humberside would be Conservative while the North East would go to Labour.

This would leave only 3 governorships to Labour. They would have little or no influence.

BFB said...

Scrap the Al-Beeb licence fee and lets see if they sink or swim.

For as long as they depend on licence payers money they will abuse it to their Marxist ends. Take that funding away and they'll become as popular as the UAF website.


the inquisitor said...


Them's my sentiments too.