Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two in three support death penalty

Nearly two thirds of Britons support the
reintroduction of capital punishment, a survey carried out to promote a tourist attraction said today.

Of those who supported the move, nearly eight out of 10 said murderers should face a capital sentence.

Meanwhile, 62% backed the death penalty for sex criminals and 58% for terrorists.

The method of execution which achieved the most backing from interviewees was lethal injection (68%), followed by hanging (25%), firing squad (5%) and electric chair (2%).

In the survey, 88% said executions should be carried out as humanely as possible.

But the remaining 12% insisted it should be conducted to "create suffering in proportion to the crime committed".

It’s a pity we won’t get what we want. If we were a proper democracy like Switzerland we would already have capital punishment.

Our present government never give people what they want and they don’t look like they will in the future.

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the inquisitor said...

62% would favor 'lethal injection', over the Rope? What!
These people are badly informed if they think it more humane. It first entails blood tests, heart rate monitoring, vessel dilation, prior diet control, sedatives, and one or two more I would'nt like to mention.
It's not execution, it's laboratory 'extermination' as used by the Japs on WW2 prisoners.