Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Elect Head teachers

It is becoming clear that we need to elect our head teachers. Two recent news stories have shown this. The first is about how our children are being indoctrinated with fairy stories on homosexuality and the next is on a head teacher who took finger prints of children without the consent of the parents and who told the children not to tell their parents.

If they were elected every 2 years by parents of the children in those schools they wouldn’t dare do any of that because they would be fired at the next election.


james higham said...

In independent schools they're not elected but they'd be out on their ear for this, nonetheless. the Heads there are the economic properity or not of the school.

British National Party member said...

hmm. I think its a good idea for police chiefs to be elected, ive never actually considered headteachers though. Its an interesting proposition.