Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brown punishes the poor

I blogged yesterday that it looks as if Labour are trying to punish the poor with their new taxes. The budget has just been announced today and it seems I was right.

According to A Conservatives blog Gordon Brown has reduced taxes by 2p but he has scrapped the 10p rate of tax so you have to be earning something like £17,000 to be better off. If you are not you are worse off.

I thought Labour was supposed to help the poor? I thought Brown wanted to reduce inequality? It seems like he is increasing it again.

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alanorei said...

Brown doesn't give the proverbial tinker's cuss about the poor.

His job is to swell nulab's coffers as best he can.

You have got to pay the EU protection racket somehow (and fund wholesale illegal immigration) if you want the EU to secure your future when you retire.

Remember that, unlike TB and JP ('Two Jags'), GB does not seem to have an all expenses paid retirement resort in Texas set aside for him.