Saturday, March 31, 2007

Proof: people are getting poorer because of immigrants

Migrants from eastern Europe are pushing down British workers' wages and increasing unemployment, a senior Government adviser has warned.

Lord Turner has told Tony Blair that low-paid workers are earning less following the arrival of 600,000 migrants from countries such as Poland.

He also believes that unskilled British workers are being left without jobs.

The warning was given to the Prime Minister in a private seminar. Business leaders and MPs have made similar claims but these have been downplayed by the Government.

However, Lord Turner's intervention will be less easy to brush aside - he is a former chairman of the Low Pay Commission.

Evidence suggests that migrants are beginning to push down wages at the lower end of the income scale, he said.

They are displacing some lessskilled workers, and are making it more difficult to persuade some of the long-term unemployed to seek work as the pay on offer is low.

This is yet more evidence that Labour have nothing but contempt for the poorer members of society. They have done nothing but destroy any chances that the poor had to make a living. They are either making them poor by stealing their money or they are making them poor by manufacturing conditions that will lead to lower wages for them.

They have to be stopped. Give them a kick up the arse in May.

Hat Tip: Battle For Britain

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