Friday, March 23, 2007

Calls for amnesty... again

A CONTROVERSIAL campaign to allow
Britain’s estimated 560,000 illegal immigrants to become citizens of the UK came under fire last night.

The Strangers into Citizens scheme proposes to offer two-year work permits to illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers, who had been in the UK for four years, had no criminal record and could speak English.

After the two years, they would be assessed on employer and community references and could gain the right to live and work in the UK permanently.

This is nothing less than an amnesty for illegal immigrants. For those who don’t remember this amnesty was discussed last June but people didn’t like it so it was dropped. Now they have changed it so it sounds slightly more reasonable to allow it to go forward but it is more or less the exact same thing that they were discussing last June.


Helena said...

Hopefully we will have a BNP government in the not too distant future but the job of putting all this right will be horrendous and expensive. The white hating Left wingers have a lot to answer for.

james higham said...

While I'm all for the deporting of certain sections of the vocal population who won't assimilate, this scheme might be OK if it turns up some talent along the way. Needs to be looked at carefully.

Anonymous said...

Any like this faeces obsessed horrible guy should go back to where he originated. Makes you think twice about buying food?