Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 2007 roundup

At the start of the month the EU decided that anyone questioning their version of history will be sent to prison. We all loved the EU after that especially when we found that 20% of new homebuyers were Polish which is pushing house prices up.

Bulgarialikes the EU though. They celebrated joining it by pardoning 1,500 criminals and scrapping 80,000 pending trials. Maybe those were the Bulgarians which came over here and started pick pocketing?

If only we could have a referendum but the EU doesn’t like referendums. Just as well for the EU seeing as they are trying to do away with countries and their pesky foreign policies

The immigration crisis got worse than it was before when it was revealed that Immigration Detention Centres are so full that they can’t round up anymore immigrants and send them home. We should just send all the immigrants home if they are a burden on us. Poland does it so why not us?

Britain was found to be the most burgled country in Europe. This is bad especially seeing as how all our prisons are full and the European Union will soon be making it illegal to pick flowers. We thought we could count on new prison places but we can’t sadly

Seeing as the justice system wasn’t doing a good enough job the BNP started their own patrols and were criticised for it. The patrols were a good thing seeing as how the police are overburdened with paperwork and it doesn’t matter anyway because some criminals get to go free even though they have committed a crime.

An illegal immigrants escaped justice and got to keep £13,000 of what he defrauded the government. The illegal immigrant wasn’t even deported but maybe the government didn’t know where he was? They don’t seem to have a clue how many legal immigrants are here.

The government showed their contempt for people when they decided to ignore more than 1 million petitioners and go ahead with road pricing anyway. They couldn’t do much anyway seeing as it was an EU directive. Teenagers could see that Blair couldn’t care less about the country and decided that they won’t be voting for Blair. Blair doesn’t care. He is planning to evict 3 million who don’t vote for him.

The government tried to get the nation dependent on them so that they would vote for them and they are succeeding with already one third of the nation dependent on them. Labour was probably trying to create a ‘Can’t be arsed to work’ attitude and it looks like in some parts of the country they were successful.

In some areas they are so desperate to cling on to power that they are gerrymandering so they have people that will actually vote for them.

As the government destroyed the military the head of the navy appealed for funds as they needed billions more. You would think the government would have enough money from getting £45 billion from drivers. Maybe we have to wait for them to tax peace and quiet before the navy get the money? Maybe they will do it by getting the coastguard to fine sailors for smoking on their own boats?

Muslims were out again making demands on schools to do things their way even if that school wasn’t Islamic.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Banning mobiles is the answer

Motorists who use hand-held mobile phones while driving will now face tougher penalties.

The maximum fixed penalty fine has doubled to £60, and three points can be added to offenders' licences.

I have a better idea on how to punish these people for their first offence. Instead of fining them and putting points on their license I think we should ban them from owning a mobile phone for a couple of months. Once they see that they can’t do without their mobile phone they will actually obey the law. If they don’t have a mobile phone they can’t call anyone can they?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Government steal my prisons idea

I have been saying for months that we should pay foreign countries to take our prisoners and now the government have actually come up with my idea and they are actually considering it. It’s about time they had a good idea.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Labour try gerrymandering

"They've opened the floodgates to try and 'beat the BNP by demographics' as John Cruddas put it. Several of our many Irish voters have told me that it's gerrymandering as naked and blatant as anything that used to go on to deny local democracy to Catholics in
Northern Ireland. It's a disgrace."

This was the reaction of BNP council group leader Richard Barnbrook to the news that, out of 2,000 voters who have appeared on the Electoral Register in Barking and Dagenham since May, fully 80% have
Third World or East European names.

White British people are waking up to the realities of New Labour and New Labour don’t like it so they are trying as hard as possible to negate the white vote so they can cling on to power for as long as possible. It’s treason and they know it.

Blair to get his legacy

Blair may finally get his legacy but it won’t be for anything good that he has done. It will be for being the first Prime Minister to successfully commit treason.

He will travel to Berlin on March 25 to sign the 50-page agreement, Declaration on the Future of Europe.

The proposals are as follows:

· A PERMANENT, unelected, president of the European Union who will speak as a sole voice for the whole of Europe and serve a five-year term.

· FULL-TIME foreign and defence ministers to represent Europe — which means powers like China and America will by-pass Britain and speak directly to them.

· A REFORMED European parliament, empowered to draw up more of its own laws. Britain would lose the ability to veto its decisions — and each member state's own government will lose the right to "opt out" of EU laws and treaties.

That will mean that Mr Blair's successor will be unable to renegotiate ANY of the European treaties.

I can only hope that Blair is assassinated or there is a successful Motion of No Confidence before he signs it into law, both, unfortunately aren’t likely to happen.

How Poles deal with Brits

Britons visiting
Polandare being threatened with deportation if they are taken ill and need hospital treatment while in the country.

It follows claims from the British Medical Association that patients could be turned away from UK doctors' surgeries because they have been swamped by Eastern Europeans.

The Polish Government claims its deportation threat is legal and necessary to protect its citizens from infections from abroad.

Polish Home Ministry spokesman Witold Liwicki said: 'We have a right to protect our citizens. We're eliminating the threat of an epidemic.'

The Polish authorities claim the new law is based on an EU directive which allows exceptions to the free movement of EU citizens, including cases where they represent a threat to public health.

So while we give their citizens free medical treatment we can expect to be deported if we get ill in their country. How nice of them.

I quite like that EU directive. I am sure those Bulgarian pick pocketers represent a threat to public health especially if they assault their victims. What about those in our prisons? I am sure causing overcrowding also represents a threat to public health. Lets deport them all. Find even the smallest reason why they represent a threat to public health and deport them. Those Poles living 10 to a house are probably a threat to public health too. Lets deport the lot of them.

EU expansion leads to crime wave

They have only been in the European Union since the start of the year but Bulgarian women have started a pick pocketing crime wave in London which has lead to a 120% rise in pick pocketing offences which means there are over 250 pick pocketing crimes a week in London.

The problem gets worse because our government can’t deport them because they are part of the European Union.

Don’t you just love the EU and our open borders?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Friday, February 23, 2007

But I don't want to work...

"The world’s gone mad, what’s the point of going to slave your guts out for 40 hours? What do you get for it? Absolutely nothing." That was the response from a benefit scrounger who was told she and her husband will lose some of their benefits including job seekers’ allowance unless they actually look for work.

Anna Taylor, 26, has been off work for five years since being diagnosed with post-natal depression following the birth of her first child.

In that time she has had another four babies with husband Alan, 48, who is also unemployed.

Together the couple collect £501 a week in benefits – £179 child tax credit, £64 child benefit, £90 job seeker’s allowance, £126 housing benefit, £24 discretionary housing payment and £18 towards their council tax.

They also receive free school meals and around eight pints of milk a day, making an annual total of £26,052, or the equivalent of a £33,000-a-year salary before tax.

It might be just me with my weird ideas but I think you shouldn’t be having anymore children if you have post natal depression seeing as you only get it after child birth.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Taxpayers’ shouldn’t be subsidising people to do nothing. If they wanted to have 5 children the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for it. Child benefit should be given up until the second child. If you want more you should be the one to provide for them. If you can’t provide for your own children you shouldn’t be having any. I would get rid of the child tax credit. If you aren’t paying for your own children you don’t need child tax credit.

I would also have a pop at the Job Seeker’s Allowance too. For the first 3 months the tokens should only make up 50% of the welfare. For every month after that the tokens should make up another 10% so after 8 months all your unemployment welfare will be given out in tokens.

They don’t need housing benefit, discretionary housing payment or anything towards their council tax. I would make it so that all those on low incomes would not have to pay council tax or rent so that they wouldn’t be worse off for working.

If they did it my way instead of getting £501 per week for doing nothing they would be getting just over £100 per week for doing nothing which means instead of £33,000 per year they would get around £5,200. It’s not much but they don’t exactly earn it.

Hat tip: Bel is thinking.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Early Day Motion on Somaliland

Alun Michael (MP) has tabled an Early Day Motion to congratulate Somaliland on 16 years of democratic development. This Early Day Motion was only started yesterday but has already received signatures from 7 other MPs. The 7 signatures are 1 from the Lib Dems and 3 for both the Conservatives and Labour so at this time I can’t tell which party is more interested in the issue.

Taxing divorce

It looks like we are going to have a change in divorce laws thanks to the European Union. Oh joy.

I think the EU should keep their noses out of divorce laws. I do believe that we should discourage divorce and I have a way to do this and unlike other things I think this can be partially solved by tax and if it can’t it will give us a nice little earner.

First of all I would stop assets from being split between both partners unless it can be proven that both partners equally contributed to the financial situation that they had or one partner had an ongoing affair with other women. Sadly that probably wouldn’t stop the richer partner from seeking divorce.

Second of all I would tax divorce, yes you heard that right. I bet Gordon Brown would love that as he loves to tax just about anything. I would make it so that 20% of the assets of the people getting divorced would be given to the government. That would probably mean billions would be given and an unexpected see effect would mean that sham marriages which allow illegals to become resident here would probably end as the citizen would have to pay a whole lot more as we aren’t just talking about liquid assets but homes and other fixed assets.

Hat tip: Ellee Seymour.

MCB make more demands

Muslims, give them one of their demands and they will demand evermore, now the Muslim Council of Britain has set out some more demands which they want all schools to adhere to and not just the Islamic schools.

Demands include playground games, swimming lessons, parents’ evenings, vaccinations, dance classes, science classes, exams. It seems they just love the Taliban.

If you want to read more go here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More benefits at Christmas

If Labour win let’s hope Harriet Harman isn’t Deputy Leader or Labour will get even more people dependent on them by giving poor families cash bonuses at Christmas and during the summer.

Coastguard get new powers

Looks like the Coastguard have a new job and this time it involves stopping people smoking while at sea in their boat. Yeah that sounds like a bright idea…

How many migrants is there?

It is bad enough that the government doesn’t know how many illegal immigrants we have in this country but you know it’s bad when the government has ‘no idea’ how many legal immigrants are here. How much more can we take?

Criminals go free

The crime in this country goes from bad to worse. Seeing as how we have no room in prisons for criminals the government are now putting criminals in the cells of police stations which now means that there is no room for people that the police arrest which means that police are no longer arresting minor criminals. You would think they would have atleast 2,000 prison places considering as many as 2000 criminals have escaped from prison but sadly their incompetence doesn’t have even one benefit.

I think it might be time to start taking vigilante action against criminals in the future if they are not going to be arrested.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

EU: Referendums are bad

EU officials have yet to halt the rapid advance of the EU constitution. It seems that they can’t take no for an answer and are changing the constitution slightly so they don’t have to put it to a referendum because "It is not in Europe's interest to have another round of referendums."

It is in my interest. I certainly want a referendum on whether I want my nation to be destroyed and I am sure many others do too.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Labour to evict 3 million council tenants

THREE million council house tenants face losing the right to stay in their homes for life.

A Government report out tomorrow is expected to say the current system of social housing is out of date.

And it looks likely to pave the way for major reforms including time limits on how long someone can remain in their council home.

More will be done, including offering cash bonuses, to move people out so that those in dire need can get a home.

A Government source said that in some estates there was "concentrated deprivation". He added: "We need to see how social housing can help us create genuinely mixed communities - places where people from different backgrounds and at different life stages live together."

This is not about solving deprivation. It’s about creating mixed communities. In other words moving the failed multicultural experiment to it’s next level where people have no choice but to live in communities that they don’t want to live in and interact with people they don’t want to interact with.

What’s the betting that this will be used to split up communities that vote BNP?

I wonder who these people who are in dire need are? Probably asylum seekers (who are apparently in dire need). If they are asylum seekers people are going to be forcibly removed from homes where they may have lived all their lives and replaced with an asylum seeker. Where will the people removed go? Why can’t the people in dire need go there?

This is an evil plan concocted by an evil government who should be lined up against a wall…

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Labour to tax peace and quiet

Just a few minutes ago I mentioned that Labour would tax your breath if they could. This seems to be getting more likely.

Not content with taxing you more if Labour are doing their job, they now want to tax you more if you live in an area where you enjoy peace and quiet. So whatever you do don’t enjoy your peace and quiet. You will get charged for it.

Hat Tip: An Englishmans Castle

Labour to tax you to death then tax you for dying

British drivers now pour a whopping £45 billion a year into the Treasury's overflowing coffers. When Labour came to power in 1997 it was £25 billion.

Taking into account VAT on cars and on fuel and insurance, road tax, fuel duty, parking permits and tickets, speeding fines, toll roads and congestion charges, motorists are "taxed" up to TEN times over for their cars.

But it's going to get worse. Cash taken off speeding motorists has already gone up EIGHT-FOLD since 1997 to £120 million. Yet that is about to rocket again with the number of speed cameras set to TREBLE in the next six months to 18,000.

We have taken a detailed look at exactly how Labour's policy has left Britain's motorists among the most taxed in Europe — and on the road to ruin. The government's own sums reveal:

  • FUEL TAX raises £25.2 billion — up from £19.4 billion 10 years ago
  • ROAD TAX brings in £5.5 billion, up by £1 billion.
  • VAT on car sales (£7 billion) and fuel sales (£6.8 billion) now raises £13.8 billion, an increase of £4.5 billion.
  • PARKING CHARGES and fines add another £1.2 billion — nearly double the 1997 total of £638 million.
  • COMPANY CAR TAX, which was introduced by Labour, brought in £2.7 billion last year.
  • SPEEDING FINES now add up to £120 million, up from £15.6 million in 1997.
  • CONGESTION CHARGES in London rake in another £200 million per year.

Only £7 billion was ploughed back into road-building last year. Now drivers are saying enough is enough.

WHERE'S IT ALL WASTED? THE government's review into waste showed £21.5 billion a year could be saved. The government now claims to have saved £13.3bn, but £8.2bn is still being poured down the drain.

Another study said £82bn is wasted, meaning £1 out of every £6 you give the Treasury is squandered. The MoD alone has overspent by £2.7bn on contracts while 20,000 extra administrators cost the NHS £500 million.

If Labour could get away with it they would tax your breath. The government should not be allowed to raise taxes anymore until they became more efficient and not waste tens of billions of pounds. I don’t think the government or their civil servants are responsible enough to cut waste so I think they should form an alliance with the Tax Payers Alliance. They have an agenda to make taxes as low as possible so they are the only ones that are responsible enough to help the government cut waste.

They get £25.2 billion from fuel tax. This is highway robbery. The correct fuel tax for the UK is half of what it is now meaning we should be only paying £12.6 billion.

Why do drivers have to pay road tax? I would get rid of it. It isn’t needed. I would also get rid of Company Car Tax and congestion charges. I also don’t see why drivers should be forced to buy insurance for their car. You aren’t made to get insurance for your house eventhough it is the right thing to do.

If I was in charge drivers would be paying £21 billion pounds less in tax and they would save a lot more if insurance wasn’t mandatory.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

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The blog of the week this week is Pub Philosopher.

Labour creates more people dependent on Labour

Labour likes to get as many people dependent on Labour for their livelihood as possible. Not content with having one third of the population dependent on the government to eat they are now giving as many people as they can jobs policing the smoking ban.

They aren’t going to stop there either. They are going to start making people have interviews to get their passport which means even more jobs will be created to interview the 600,000 yearly applicants.

How many jobs will this create? It will probably run into the thousands before we even get to the administration staff.

Labour want as many people dependent on them as possible. Those that are dependent on them will most likely vote for them so they don’t lose their jobs or money as any decent government would be rolling back the government and not creating useless jobs.

No money for prison places

The Home Office is facing a fresh financial crisis after it emerged it has failed to secure funding to run 8,000 new prison places, including two jails in
Liverpool and London.

The expansion of prison capacity has been touted by John Reid as his greatest success since taking over as home secretary, but senior officials have told the Guardian that, while money will be made available to underwrite the building of the prisons, the Treasury has refused to foot the bill to run them.

With annual costs per prisoner standing at £44,000 the deficit will reach £350m a year when the prison building programme is completed.

What a surprise. They never do anything that they have promised. The question is why won’t the Treasury give them the money? The answer is because Gordon Brown is in charge of the Treasury and John Reid is in charge of the Home Office. Both are probably going to run for Labour leadership and Brown wants Reid to look bad so Brown will win.

It seems that the price of a prisoner keeps changing. About 3 week ago it was £39,000 per year and now it is £44,000. Whatever the price is it would be cheaper to pay foreign countries to take them.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Navy head appeals for funds

Blair is still trying to destroy the navy. Not contents with halving the size of the navy, he is under funding them to a degree that they need another £1 billion to cope with the demands placed on them which is one third of their budget.

The navy is so desperate for cash that Admiral Sir Jonathan Band who is head of the navy had actually started appealing to journalists to try and get the government to listen and give them more money for ships.

BBC defence correspondent Paul Wood said Sir Jonathan told reporters the navy "doesn't come for nothing".

Paul Wood said Sir Jonathan had claimed Britain faced a choice between remaining as a first division sea-going nation or, as the officer put it, turning into Belgium.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 weird things

Ranting Stan has tagged me to list 6 things weird about me.

  1. I was slightly Raelian for a few months a few years ago

  1. My friends say I am very paranoid

  1. I believe in reincarnation

  1. I don’t drink alcohol but if I was in Holland I might try a marijuana muffin.

  1. I never finish chain letter type things when I have been tagged.

I now have to tag 6 people:

Bags Rants

Dark Heretic

Battle For Britain

Ellee Seymour

Andrew Allison

BNP And Me

Oh dear...

Four suspected terrorists from Somalia were seized on the Kenyan border by British Special Forces. These 4 men were then handed over to the Kenyans who then deported them back to Somalia. They then faced the death penalty in Somalia so our wonderful government took them to the British consul and promptly gave gave them and their families asylum.

You couldn’t make it up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our time is coming

Tony Blair and the
Iraqwar may have alienated them, but they are not ready to turn to David Cameron. That is the central conclusion of a Populus poll of 16 to 19-year-olds, those who will be able to vote for the first time at an election in 2008-09.

The poll was conducted early last autumn among 1,277 teenagers for the centre-right Bow Group, which has just released the results.

The main political experience of 16 to 19-year-olds has been within the Blair years. Very few will have memories of political events before May 1997. But there is no sense of a generation of Blair’s children with values shaped by new Labour. Far from it.

But this disillusionment with Labour has not benefited the other main parties. Some 18 per cent say they would vote Labour, 16 per cent the Tories and 12 per cent the Liberal Democrats. But 28 per cent say they would back other parties, notably the Greens on 8 per cent and the British National Party on 6 per cent. A quarter say they would not vote at all.

44% cannot imagine voting Conservative, but will not vote Labour because of Iraq 89% do not believe Labour is honest and principled 46% would vote for one of the three main parties 28% would vote for one of the smaller parties 27% would not vote at all Source: Populus poll of 1,277 people aged 16 to 19 for the Bow Group.

Why is it that it is my generation that are the ones that are waking up and not the older population? The present adults know what they have went through under Labour but they continue to take it. I am not sure anything will change their minds as they have been utterly brainwashed.

Teenagers seem to have more of a grasp on reality than their parents who have sold their childrens futures out to the lowest bidder. These teenagers probably know their futures and it’s sad that their parents couldn’t give a shit about the future of their children. If they cared about their children they wouldn’t keep on voting for the criminal trio.


Mobilize the Blogosphere!
Counter-jihadist bloggers must not abandon this young man. Cambridge University is trying to hush things up, probably to avoid interrupting the flow of petrodollars rather than protecting the student from any more death threats in addition to the ones he's had from the University and City Muslims (town and gown Muzzies united!)

When everything has quietened down, the student is likely to be hauled before a Kangaroo Court - the Clare College Court of Discipline, which will meet for the "first time in living memory" (do they still conduct their trials in Latin?).

He is likely to be charged with 'Racial Incitement' (Yes I know Islam isn't a race - but try explaining that to a Cambridge professor). He will be given a fair trial and then expelled.

The two other possible charges are 'Blasphemy' and 'Bringing the College into Disrepute'. The former is extremely dodgy because blasphemy has historically only applied to the Christian religion.

As for ' Bringing the College into Disrepute' , it could be argued that the spineless dhimmified College dons have done far more damage to its reputation by grovelling before the threat of Mohammedan thuggery than has the student. Counter- jihadists may choose to put this view to the Clare College authorities.

Clare College has obviously many moonbats in its ancient belfry - their first reaction on seeing the cartoon was to call the police! In this environment a fair trial is impossible.

It is likely that the Kangaroo Court will be a travesty of justice and will sit in private with the student not being allowed representation or to call supporting testimony (Contrast with the very similar Charlie Hebdo case in France).

The judge and jury will no doubt consist of those sneering postmodernists, Marxists and politically correct jobsworths who detest and work to undermine the very civilization that supports these parasites in the style to which they are accustomed.

Islamically-aware bloggers need to send out the message loud and clear that it is every Briton's birthright - and indeed every Briton's patriotic duty - to ridicule the three totems of the barbarians.

Islam is an absurd and primitive belief system - philosophically, theologically and cosmologically (the sun setting in muddy spring etc).

However, it is impossible to defeat Islam by rational argument, because most Muslims are profoundly irrational and ignorant. They are primitive tribalists who have no understanding of logically reasoned discourse. But like all tribalists they are acutely sensitive to their totems being dishonoured. This, as Ali Sina pointed out [1] , is where they are at their must vulnerable. They cannot tolerate their totems being mocked .

THE FIRST TOTEM which we should ridicule is the one and only foundation of this Satanic cult, that depraved violater of innocence, the monstrous Pervert Mohammed himself. The original Danish Motoons were actually quite mild compared with what was to follow [2]. The Clare college student is to be congratulated in bringing his fellow undergraduates' attention to the intrinsically violent nature and institutionalised pedophilia of those who model themselves on Mohammed's sick psychotic personality.

THE SECOND TOTEM which we should ridicule is the basic doctrine of Islam. The foundational belief of Islam is that Allah is a brothel-keeper [3] and Mohammed is his ponce, and you get to screw 72 virgins and bugger 24 pretty pre-pubescent boys in Allah's brothel in the sky if you kill enough infidels. If bloggers can make this doctrine into a standing joke we've gone a long way towards destroying Islam.

THE THIRD TOTEM of Islam is the koran - Mohammed's murderous hate manifesto . Mohamedans are acutely sensitive to the book being 'humiliated' in any way (like being put on the bottom shelf in a bookshop - it should always be on the top shelf next to the porn). There are many ways of humiliating a koran, and infidels are encouraged to find novel approaches. You don't even need to vandalise or deface the book. Returning it to the college library containing that greasy bacon wrapper which you were using as a bookmark should cause a major riot.

Finally, to repeat my main message. We need to let the snivelling dhimmis at Brown-nose college know that the bloggers are watching them like hawks.


[1] Why mocking Islam is so effective:

[2] More Motoons
Mo the filthy child molester...

[3] Taking the piss out of Islam. 72 virgins and 24 boys with liquid brown eyes....

Hat tip: religion of pieces in my comments section.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Only 3 cops on duty

As few as three uniformed police officers are available to patrol the streets, respond to 999 calls and tackle night-time disorder in some towns and city areas, according to research into the experiences of front-line Pcs.

Despite record numbers of police officers overall, many commanders in local divisions in England and Wales - typically based in a station in small and medium towns - can call on just five or fewer uniformed officers per duty shift, the academic study shows.

Those who are available are often tied up in bureaucracy for up to half their eight- or 10-hour shifts. The shortages are particularly acute at night, when police are most needed to deal with drunken hooligans.

This isn’t too surprising particularly after using the freedom of information act I found out that police had to fill in more than 20 forms for a single arrest and it is double that if there are two suspects. Here is the response I got from Cleveland Police in January:

I have listed below the forms required to be submitted for a full case file. It must be borne in mind that there may be numerous witnesses and in some cases multiple defendants so the forms are repeated. It is also of importance that you are aware that there are other forms to complete in certain circumstances.
In domestic violence situations there is a specific form to be completed, as with Child Protection issues. There is a search of premises form and also a use of force form if the officer has had to use force to effect an arrest.

Stolen property records have to be completed as do exhibit labels and forensic evidence forms if exhibits are required to be examined.

Initial Witness Assessment

Report to Crown Prosecutor for Charging Decision – Decision Log and Action Plan

Further Report to Crown Prosecutor for Charging Decision

Custody System Form Charges

Custody System Form Charges

Custody System Form Conditional Bail Grant/Variation
Custody System Form Request to Vary Conditional Bail
Custody System Form Surety/Security
Case Summary
Confidential Information
Police Officers' Discipline Record
Unused Material - Disclosure Schedule
Sensitive Material Schedule - not to be Disclosed
Police Schedule of Special Measures
Disclosure Officers Report
Initial Remand Application
Breach of Bail
Witness List
Custody System Form - Witness Non-Availability
Witness Statement Continuation Sheet
Witness Statement CCTV
Witness Statement - Comms
Witness Statement One Interviewer
Witness Statement Two Interviewers
Witness Statement Additional Interviewer
Witness Statement - Road Policing Unit
Witness Statement Telecomms
Exhibit List
Application for Order on Conviction
Record of Taped Interview
Evidence of Bad Character - Defendant
Other Offences (Taken Into Consideration)
Further Evidence/Information
Interpreter Information
Submission of Work for Scientific Examination

I think you will agree that is a lot of forms to fill in. The solution should be to give police forces a budget for admin so they can hire administration staff. They will then have to get rid of some of the forms (some won’t be needed) or they might go over budget.

Hat tipAn Englishman Castle.

Vigilantism works

Police and community leaders have criticised a vigilante patrol set up by members of the far-right British National Party.

Wiltshire BNP organiser Mike Howson said that in response to concerns from local residents, the party sent some of its members to walk the streets of Corsham last Friday looking for anyone committing anti-social behaviour.

He confirmed the patrol - which he described as a "good, calming influence on local yobs" - was the first of its kind in the area, but said others could follow.

However, the move was today condemned by local politicians and the police.

If the police were actually doing their job and were out on the streets instead of doing paperwork this type of thing wouldn’t be needed. Vigilante patrols will always be a good thing. Once concerned residents start taking their communities back from the yobs we will see criminals too scared to do anything because there is one thing that criminals rely on and that is fear. They rely on their victims and other members of society being too scared to do anything.

PAGAD is an example of a vigilantism group which STARTED off in a good way battling. PAGAD were a South African vigilantism group which fought again criminal gangs and drug dealers. They actually ‘invaded’ drug dealers’ houses and burnt them to death. After that drug dealers were frightened of being in areas which were patrolled by PAGAD and drug dealing was reduced in areas patrolled by them. You see, vigilantism works. Once criminals are shown they are not welcome by the community they go because they are too scared to stay.

I am not advocating vigilantes going around and burning drug dealers to deal but I think that the community should play a more active role in tackling criminals. I think it would be a good idea to create citizens patrols which would be volunteers that would patrol the streets of their community and taking action against those that commit crimes. Maybe get those that are unemployed who want to work involved.

Police not doing their job

Can the police ever do their job properly? A former BNP candidate has had the charges against him dropped because the police were too incompetent to get him sentenced.

I don’t think it is relevant that he is a former BNP candidate. If he was a high ranking member in his branch before the incident they might have a case in mentioning the BNP but they don’t. This guy is an idiot. It is unacceptable to send anything threatening to our opponents. It doesn’t matter who it is.

If the police were actually doing their job he would be in prison… well probably not with it being full. He would have probably been given a slap on the wrist with a bit of community service.

Illegal immigrant commits fraud and gets community service

AN illegal immigrant has been given 160 hours of community service after fraudulently claiming £17,000 in incapacity benefit by pretending to be someone else.

Kamal Bousbaci, 43, was ordered to pay £4000 in compensation at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday. An Algerian citizen, Bousbaci came to the UK in 1987 on a one-month visa but stayed and used the identity of Belkacem Haddadi, thought to be a French Algerian.

I bet this illegal is laughing at us. He isn’t deported and gets to keep £13,000 of the £17,000 that he took from us. What do illegals have to do to be deported?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Welfare reform

One third of people are dependent on the government for their income. This is a frightening prospect as we are becoming a nation of parasites. The fact is we must reform the welfare state so it is much harder to claim welfare and get people to become dependent on themselves and not dependent on the state.

Unemployment benefit

If you have not worked for atleast 2 years you should not be able to claim any unemployment benefit. Unemployment benefit should only be open to those who have actually had employment.

Unemployment benefit should be given out not in cash but in tokens for food, water, toiletries, electricity and gas. Anything else is a luxury and should be paid for by you. Want to buy your child a Christmas present? Find a job to pay for it.

For the first 3 months the tokens should only make up 50% of the welfare. For every month after that the tokens should make up another 10% so after 8 months all your unemployment welfare will be given out in tokens.

There will be people selling these tokens so to get any unemployment welfare you will have to have your photo taken which will be placed on these tokens. The government will also have access to your bank records. If you have any money it will be taken out to reimburse the state until you get a job. This will be the same if you have a car or anything of value. This may seem wrong but if the government is paying for you they have every right to do this.

Things also have to change for the low paid. It is stupid that people can earn more on welfare because those on welfare don’t pay much rent, council tax and income tax. Those earning below a certain threshold should not have to pay council house rent, council tax or income tax.

Child benefit

Child benefit has become a reason for teenagers to have children while they are at school. This has to be stopped and a cap put on the amount that can be claimed. Only once reaching the age of 20 will any child benefit be given. This will allow for a period of employment before they have children. Child benefit should not be a way for people to avoid work by having more and more children so child benefit will only be paid for 2 children. If you want more you better have the money to pay for it.

Child benefit will be given to both the mother and father so if child benefit is £100 per week it will be split equally between the father and mother which means each get £50 per week. This will only happen if they are married and living together. If they are not married and living together only the mother will receive the benefit and it will be only her share.

To encourage women to have children and not wait until later on in life the amount of benefit they can claim will be lower the longer they wait.

All benefits claimants will be made public for anyone to see. This would hopefully stop benefit cheats as people will know what benefits their neighbour is claiming and would know if they are actually disabled if they are claiming disability. Most other benefits should be done away with unless you are seriously ill.

Hat tip: Ranting Stan.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Over 1 million sign road pricing petition

Over 1 million people have signed the petition to scrap the planned road pricing policy.

Those 1 million people will not be listened to and it’s not because Blair is an arse (that’s part of it) but it’s because transport falls under the EU. It is Directive 2004/52/EC that orders member states to start a road pricing policy. You can see the directive here.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Bag’s Rants.

The blog of the week is one day early today because I am going on a BNP regional training day somewhere in Newcastle tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather forecast says its going to be snowing tomorrow so that means that the country is going to come to a standstill which might mean I will end up late or worse. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Anyway, congratulations to Bags Rants.

A tri-cameral legislature

A few days ago I blogged about my thoughts on a type of tri-cameral legislature.

I have read other blogs and they don’t seem to think that we need hereditary peers. Some think it is unfair that they get the job by being born into it. I agree, it is unfair but these people are doing a very good job. If it wasn’t for them we would have compulsory ID cards by now. Instead they are not compulsory. This is all down to an unelected Lords.

Unelected lords don’t have to be concerned about their political party which is why the party whips find it almost impossible to keep control of them. A wholly elected Lords would just be full of more politicians who put their parties first and vote along party lines. It would essentially become a clone of the House of Commons. Do we want that? Of course we don’t. This would undo any checks and balances that actually have.

Instead of having them mostly elected I think that that some should be elected as well as appointed for 15 year time periods and we would keep the life and hereditary peers.

The elected Lords would have more powers than the unelected Lords and would be elected in each county. This would create a type of tri-cameral legislature as mentioned in an earlier blog post. In the earlier blog post I only mentioned a few of their powers, I have now thought of some more powers. These new powers are designed to take some powers away from the Prime Minister and the House of Commons who have become too powerful. Both the Prime Minister and Parliament need to have fewer powers to safeguard our rights and the checks and balances.

First of all the power to declare war will be given to these elected lords. However this must be started by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will have to ask the elected Lords to declare war. While they are debating this the Prime Minister will be allowed in the debating chamber to debate with the Lords. This will hopefully stop future wars like Iraq from ever been thought of by our leaders.

Second, this is stolen from America; they will have the power to appoint ambassadors to any country.

The appointed Lords who will be appointed for 15 years will be chosen by the Prime Minister. The elected Lords will have to vote on those lords and will have the power to reject them. After rejecting 5 in one year the elected Lords will have the power to choose their own. This will hopefully stop anything like the Cash for Honours as power of making lords will actually lie with the Lords.

The ratification of treaties will also be given to them. The Prime Minister will choose which treaties that he wants signing and it will be up to the elected Lords to decide if they should ratify them. This will hopefully stop us from joining anything like the European Union ever again.

The Parliament Act will also be neutralised too. If the government uses it then the legislation will bypass the unelected Lords and go straight to the elected Lords to vote on.

The Lords will be granted one additional power and it will be for all the Lords. They will be granted their own Prime Ministers Question Time and Ministerial Question Time.

For everything that only the elected Lords are allowed to vote on the unelected ones will still be allowed in the chamber to debate to try and change the minds of the elected Lords to their way of thinking.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Collecting flowers to be a crime

At present we have 80,000 criminals in prison. The prisons are overcrowded but the EU wants us sent to prison for collecting or damaging wild flowers.

You couldn’t make it up.

Judge: Mr Smith, please stand. You have been found guilty of killing Bellis Perennis otherwise known as Daisy. Do you have anything to say before I sentence you?


Judge: I’ll take that as a no. Mr Smith, in light of the serious nature of this crime I sentence you to serve no less than 2 years and no more than 5 years. Guard, please take Mr Smith to the cells.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Labour tries to get rid of the Lords

George Howarth, a Labour MP has tabled an Early Day Motion to get rid of the House of Lords and create a Uni-cameral legislature which would mean that Blair could effectively do what he wanted. If he had this a few years ago he would have actually made the ID cards compulsory which they aren’t at present.

We cannot get rid of the House of Lords. They have shown that they are willing to stand up against the oppressive nature of this government. I think this is why this George Howarth Guy wants to get rid of any opposition as looking at his voting record on They Work For You shows that he feels very strongly for introducing ID cards and for a hunting ban, both of which were opposed by the Lords.

I don’t believe we should get rid of the Lords, infact I believe we should have more checks and balances on the government by creating something similar to tri-cameral legislature which I think no other country has (could be wrong).

It wouldn’t be a full time tri-cameral legislature though. Let me explain:

I believe that the Lords should have an elected element in it. They can either be elected by county or be around 10% of the MPs which would be 65 so they would basically have super constituencies.

These elected Lords would sit with the none elected lords and would have a few more powers. This would mean the Parliament Act would be neutered. If the Commons tried to use the Parliament Act it would bypass the unelected Lords and go straight to the elected lords to vote on so Parliament would have to be sure it could work. To stop our government sending our troops to wars that are not in our interests the elected Lords would have to vote on any deployment of troops to foreign combat situations.

I think with these changes it would make the legislative process much better and would stop the government getting legislation through too fast.

Hat tip:Dizzy Thinks.

Most burgled country in Europe

Britain is the most burgled country in Europe, a disturbing crime survey reveals.

Levels of assault are also the highest across the EU, while car theft, robbery and sex offences are well above average.

The prison population in England and Wales has soared to record levels of more than 80,000 - up from around 60,000 in 1997 when Labour came to power - leaving the system in crisis as ministers struggle against chronic and worsening overcrowding.

Opponents of imprisonment claim the jails are full because of a Draconian approach to law and order which sees too many criminals locked up.

But the EU report suggests that in fact levels of crime in the UK are so high that it would be justified to imprison even greater numbers of offenders.

This is why the law abiding public should be allowed to have a gun in their possession. If they are being robbed they should have every right to kill whoever is on their property without their permission.

Criminals only understand one thing and that is violence. If they were physically attacked every time they committed a crime they would think twice before committing another one. Criminals should be in fear of their lives if they are committing a crime.

Hat tip: A Tangled Web.

Landmark post!

This is my 500th post on this blog. Celebration!

Border police neutralised

Why did Blair create a border police? He has basically just neutered their entire purpose.

The prisons are full and so are the immigration detention centres which means that the new border police are no longer picking illegal immigrants up which is the reason the border police were created. What are they supposed to do now if they aren’t going after illegals?

Hat tip: Battle For Britain.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bulgaria celebrates joining EU

I thought our criminal justice system was bad. It’s nothing compared to Bulgaria who have celebrated joining the EU by pardoning 1,500 criminals and scrapping 80,000 pending trials.

Well atleast it’s not our problem… wait it could be because those 81,500 people are free to come travel here and we already have 80,000 prisoners. Aren’t we lucky?

A warning on Islam

Read this interview on Islam.

Political Islam has annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation takes centuries, but once Islam is ascendant it never fails. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct.

Hat tip: Ranting Stan

Babies to be vaccinated against drugs

Babies could be vaccinated with brain-altering chemicals to stop them getting hooked on drugs and cigarettes in later life.

Newborns would have jabs which could prevent addiction to cocaine, heroin or tobacco, under secret Downing Street plans.

Details of the extraordinary proposal to stop the annual £20 billion cost of drug misuse are in a leaked No 10 policy document.

It says: "A young person could be immunised and the drugs would never reach or affect the brain. Drug-related crimes could be reduced if vaccines can be successfully developed to reduce the craving."

This sounds like a good idea at first. A lot of crime is caused by drugs but if they are immunised so the drugs would never even affect the brain what would happen with morphine? Would people be in constant agony if they become immune to the effects of morphine?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Nourishing obscurity.

20% of home buyers are Polish

One in every five home buyers in
Britain is now a Polish immigrant, estate agents have revealed.

The new arrivals from Eastern Europe are forcing up house prices as they work tirelessly to get on the property ladder.

The migrants are selling their properties back home to raise a deposit - making it more likely they will remain in the UK for good - or taking out 100 per cent mortgages.

Some estate agents are even employing Polish staff to cope with the demand, and make transactions easier.

Experts said that, when eastern Europeans began arriving in the UK following EU expansion in May 2004, most opted to rent - pushing up rental prices for Britons seeking homes in the private sector.

But many of the 600,000 arrivals have now decided to settle here, and are seeking to buy their own property.

The result is an increase in property prices, as more buyers compete for a limited pool of homes.

In the past year, prices have increased by around 10 per cent.

The number of arrivals from eastern Europe is 20 times the Government's original estimate of only 13,000 a year.

But the Government has insisted most will eventually return home, and are taking up short-term opportunities.

They are obviously staying long term and any idiot can see this. So either the government is filled with retards or they are filled with liars.

No wonder prices of houses are so high and no wonder it is almost impossible for first time buyers to get on the property ladder. We are only going to have to build more and more houses which will mean concreting over more of our green land.

Immigrants should not be able to buy property in this country. Brits should have first choice. If they want to buy a home there are places in Poland for them.

Friday, February 02, 2007

EU to outlaw debate

People who question the official history of recent conflicts in
Africa and the Balkans could be jailed for up to three years for "genocide denial", under proposed EU legislation.

Germany, current holder of the EU's rotating presidency, will table new legislation to outlaw "racism and xenophobia" this spring.

Included in the draft EU directive are plans to outlaw Holocaust denial, creating an offence that does not exist in British law.

Governments should have no say in what people believe. To do so is to legislate thought crimes. If people want to debate an issue they should be able to.

I don’t know why anyone would want to question genocides but they must be allowed to for the sake of freedom of both speech and debate.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rogue US troops attack British Convoy

A group of British soldiers yesterday described their frantic attempts to stop an attack on their convoy by "rogue" US warplanes that left one dead and four injured.

Oxfordshire coroner's court heard that two US A10 planes opened fire on a patrol in southern Iraq in March 2003, killing Lance Corporal of Horse Mattie Hull three days before his 26th birthday.

Yesterday his colleagues told the court that the "friendly fire" incident had happened on a clear day as they patrolled an area about 30 miles north-west of Basra.

Staff Corporal Ashley Bell said there had been a flash as the first attack started. He had immediately radioed forward air control with the "Stop, stop, stop" instruction but had been told the planes were being flown by "rogue US pilots".

"[The controller] could not contact the US pilots because they had switched frequencies and were talking to each other."

Soldiers in the five-vehicle convoy released smoke canisters to identify them to friendly pilots. The smoke was visible as one of the planes returned at low level and attacked a second time.

Great… We are now being attacked by our allies. If I didn’t think it was time to get out of Iraq before this I would now. If we can’t trust our allies who can we trust?

January 2007 roundup

At the end of last year I did an end of year report blogging about what had happened during the year. I liked it so much that I have decided to do a monthly one. So here goes…

At the start of the year the European Union became bigger when Bulgaria and Romania entered. A wave of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania are expected to add to numbers of immigrants that the government has already been underestimating.

They don’t seem to care about immigrants as they couldn’t care less if they vandalise cars or go to the start of the queue and get kidneys that Brits need.

In an effort to show they care the government decided to unveil their new boarder police but they forgot to say that half of the boarder police will be desk workers.

The European Union were found to be severely incompetent when they revealed that they can only account for 7% of the budget.

Our ever diminishing military became smaller when the government decided to halve the size of the navy but atleast they are trying to retain soldiers by making them and their families homeless if they actually leave which is a bit dumb considering our troops are less equipped than the Estonians.

There were calls for the ‘BNP ballerina’ to be sacked for being vocal in her opinions. No one told the hacks that she became vocal only after she was outed as a BNP member.

It emerged that Britain is becoming a more dangerous place as only 1% of crimes actually lead to a conviction and only half of those that are caught are actually sent to court. Even if they do get a conviction what’s it worth when even sex offenders are released early and those that aren’t released early are on the brink of re-offending?

Blair decided he was sick of not being able to catch criminals and put them in prison so decided to go after people that haven’t even committed crimes and punish them instead. This was all happening as prison officers were told to create a "cosy, friendly atmosphere" by letting prisoners control the prisons and paying foreign prisoners to go home if they wanted to but only 52 wanted to go home.

While we don’t have enough prison places, money that could have went towards them went to redesigning prison toilets to make them more Islam friendly.

Whites were found to be discriminated against in the education system when it was shown that none white education had an extra £178 million spent on it than white education. Is it any wonder that truancy is at its highest since 1994?

The Act of Union went by without any celebrations.

Blair decided that to be a dictator he has to crush the opposition so decided that those that don’t vote Labour will get crappy healthcare, education and policing.

Everyone knew the government was lying about everything so we weren’t surprised when MI6 stated the obvious.

40% of Muslims were found to be radical which was found to be no different than last year.