Sunday, January 07, 2007

Many paedophiles on brink of re-offending

Read this disturbing report on sex offenders that have a high risk of re-offending.

It states that those that many that have been released from prison are still a high risk of re-offending and what is worse is they are only monitored maybe twice a year, every 6 months and they don’t have to allow the police into their homes because it might damage their human rights.

First of all sex offenders should be locked up indefinitely. What they are sentenced to should be the absolute minimum that they serve. If they are judged that they are likely to re-offend then they should be kept for longer until it is judged that they won’t re-offend. Paedophiles are mentally ill people, while in prison they should be held in the areas where the mentally ill are held and given daily counselling. If they have raped multiple people they should be given the death penalty.

If they are ever released they should be tracked every minute of every day. The people who live within 5 miles of them should be informed that there is a sex offender in the area. Details of all paedophiles will be shown on a central website including their name, picture, the town where they live and their crime. This would be so that people will know who to keep their children away from.

Instead of having only yearly visits they should have atleast 3 visits per week and they should be prohibited from doing certain things. If they re-offend again they should be sentenced to death.


alanorei said...

Paedophiles will always reoffend.

Just like confirmed drug addicts will always indulge their addiction.

Once convicted, paedophiles should suffer capital punishment. That is the one practical way to ensure they don't reoffend.

This includes Catholic priests who are particularly noted for abuse of children entrusted to their care.

BFB said...

I agree with Alan, paedophilia cannot be cured, it is is a sexuality, not a disease.

I do not think paedophiles are criminals just because they are sexually attracted to children, they can't help their sexuality; but if I can refrain from sexually abusing women I find attractive (and that's most of them) then paedophiles have no excuse for sexually abusing children and I have no sympathy for them.

Once they offend they become addicted, as Alan says, and I think that even first offenders should be castrated. Our children are more import than their 'rights'.

alanorei said...

BfB said:

"Our children are more important than their 'rights'."

Totally agree.

Although he did not actually murder anyone, one of the worst serial offenders in the British isles was a character in Jersey named Edward Paisnel. During the 1960s, he assaulted a minimum of 7 women and 14 children of both sexes at various locations on the east of the island. The cases of the children were particularly horrific in that he actually assaulted them in their bedrooms in the dead of night and threatened to kill them and their parents if they told their parents of the intruder.

He had extensive local knowledge, which served him well and he would surreptitiously 'stake out' a potential victim for weeks on end.

He always wore a hideous mask as a disguise in these attacks.

During his reign of terror, he became known as The Beast of Jersey.

He was eventually caught by two alert policemen who apprehended him for a traffic violation, after a hair-raising car chase through the narrow lanes of the island in the dark, at speeds of up to 70 mph. The maximum speed limit in the CI is 40 mph.

The authorities identified him after a search of his car, where they found items linking him to the sexual assault crimes, and an examination of his clothes. He had inserted shoulder pads into his coat with upturned nails to discourage a pursuer.

He was tried and convicted in 1971 and sentenced to 30 years in prison, dying in 1994.

That's the kind of individual that successive governments are pandering to these days, via 'gay rights.'