Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This type of heroism should be rewarded

Royal Marines have carried out one of the most daring rescue missions ever staged to retrieve the body of a fallen comrade in

It followed a ferocious battle in which 200 British troops backed by artillery, helicopters and aircraft raided a fort believed to be a major headquarters for Taliban militants.

Officials say that as the troops advanced they were engaged from several insurgent positions.

On retreat they discovered one Marine was missing and four men volunteered to go on a daring rescue mission.

Apache attack helicopters were used to mount the raid.

They have no room for passengers inside, so incredibly the Marines clung to the hand and footholds the crew use to climb in and out of the aircraft.

They then flew into the battle zone to locate Lance corporal Mathew Ford, the pilots also leaving the helicopters to give covering fire.

L Cpl Ford had died in the original attack but his body was recovered.


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alanorei said...

Considering the sermoms issuing from various mosques in this country, according to the C4 documentary, we face a greater threat at home than the one the Taliban poses.

See also the BNP Jihad Watch Bulletin.

A pity that 45 RM Cdo can't be deployed on a 'search and clear' mission back here.

Maybe eventually they will have to be, because the enemy here is just as real as on the NW Frontier.