Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogpower becoming hysterical?

It seems like the members of Blogpower are getting a little hysterical about having someone from the BNP on their blogroll so much so infact that they think BNP members are swamping their blogging alliance even though I am the only BNP member on the Blogpower blogroll. I could be wrong but the only members that even come close to being BNP are Pub Philosopher and Out from under. Both of these have said that they won’t vote for the BNP. I don’t know about Pub Philosopher but Out From under won’t support the BNP for a few reasons including we support the death penalty.

The news about the hysterical nature of Blowpower has went around the blogosphere and reached famous bloggers such as Devils Kitchenwho thinks we are snooty.

If one BNP member means that the blogging alliance is being swamped what does it mean when there is a load of none BNP members? Am I being swamped by none BNP members?

Should it matter how many BNP members join if those that join act civilised and are prepared to debate their points? I wonder how they will act if more BNP members joined? It really doesn’t bare thinking about… they might have heart attacks from all the truth they read.


alanorei said...

You are the fox in the hen house - or the crocodile in the billabong.

BFB said...

I'll be joining Blogpower soon (when I get the time). Do you think they'll have me? If they're already being 'swamped' my joining will probably make the 6 o'clock news...(-:

youdontknowme said...

I doubt they will let you join. They are having a vote about me at the weekend. You can see after the result.