Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 2007- Who should be blog of the month?

It’s voting time for the blog of the month. Who do you think should be blog of the month?

Should it be Barnsley Nationalists?

Should it be The Spicy Cauldron who was so offended having me link to him that he blocked my site from linking to him so if you want to go to his site to rate it you will have type into a new browser.

Should it be Deakin is blue or even Cynical Chatter From The Underworld?

Vote on the pole on the side bar. The choice is yours…

1 comment:

Stan said...

Definitely not Spicy Cauldron. Anything that has "What is YOUR carbon footprint?" at the top of the page does not deserve such an accolade.

Without CO2 there are no trees. The more CO2 there is, the greener the planet gets. That's green as in leafy - not as in "pretend to be environmentally concerned".

Excuse me, I've got to get back to flicking through the brochures for my new 4x4. Can't decide on the engine size - big or really big! Someone's got to save the planet - might as well be me.