Friday, January 19, 2007

Comparing two asylum stories

Did you hear that 100s of failed asylum seekers have been allowed to reapply after they were turned down after their appeals? They include 80 repeat applications from Afghanistan and 30 from Turkey.

Compare that story with this story about a white man from Zimbabwe whose grandparents were British who has had his application for asylum rejected.

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alanorei said...

This Rhodesian will detract from, not add to the current multiculti mess.

Therefore, the current establishment will not want him.

Rhodesia's loyalty in both world wars, manifest via the Rhodesian gunners who faced Rommel's panzers at El Alamein and the many Rhodesians, like Ian Smith, who served with the Royal Air Force, doesn't count.

Non-white asylum invaders are regularly allowed back into Britain if their initial claim is turned down. See the documented evidence in Overcrowded Britain by Ashley Mote, Do We Need Mass Immigration? by Anthony Browne and The Great Immigration Scandal by Steve Moxon.

Anyone foreign, especially if they are non-white, will be allowed into this country to add to the multi-culti mess.

The strategy for destroying Britain goes back further than Nick mentioned last night. It goes back nearly 500 years, ever since Henry VIII broke with Rome and maybe even further, given the influence of men like Archbishop Langton and John Wycliffe.

Re: Rhodesia, many former Rhodesians, including disabled Bush War veterans, 1972-79, are being helped by the Rhodesia Christian Group. Successive governmnets in this country don't care about them - all prime ministers since 1979, without exception, have virtually sided with Mugabe.

And of course, the Rhodesians have no oil. So they don't get a Coalition invasion to oust a brutal dictator. (Up to a couple of years ago, many blacks were beseeching Ian Smith to help them, even though he was in his 80s. "Our children are starving," they said. "We were never hungry when it was called Rhodesia." These are ordinary black tribespeople who aren't strong Mugabe supporters.)

I have a friend who served 6 years in the Rhodesian Army, in the Bush War. He confirmed a horrific incident that took place on the night of June 23, 1978, at the Elim Mission Station in the Rhodesian Eastern Highlands.

Nine white British missionaries and four young children - including a three-week-old baby - were clubbed and bayoneted to death by black Marxist ZANLA terrorists, the guerrilla wing of Mugabe's ZANU party.


See also also Too Bright the Vision? by Rev Arthur Lewis, p 186, 228.


To all the anti-BNPers out there, who label members as 'racist,' fascist' and 'Nazi' etc.:

ZANLA/ZANU and their kind, e.g. who featured on C4's Despatches programme recently and the more militant ones in support of the proposed London supermosque, plus the paedophile gangs on Keighley and elsewhere;

That's your crowd.

In that sense, there is no 'discrimination.'