Friday, January 12, 2007

White children discriminated against

White working-class boys are
under-performing badly but they do not get the grants immigrant groups receive.

White boys from poor backgrounds are falling further behind their black and Asian classmates in exams, official figures have revealed.

The breakdown of the 2006 GCSE results has fuelled concerns, already voiced by the Conservative party and by teachers’ unions, that a lack of financial support for these pupils could boost racist groups such as the British National Party.

John Bangs, National Union of Teachers’ head of education, described the lack of help as “a gift to the BNP”. There were specific grants for ethnic-minority pupils, which would rise to £178 million next financial year, but no equivalent for the poorest white pupils.

Isn’t that nice? They are finally caring that whites are being discriminated against. Well they don’t care really do they? They only care that the BNP might gain from it. They don’t care that white boys are being discriminated against in the education system.

Why shouldn’t we be giving grants to white groups to spend on white education if we are giving grants to none-white groups to spend on education of none whites?


Ellee said...

I don't know how that could have been allowed to happen. I hope our Education Secretary looks into it and raises it in the Commons. It should be equal education for all, regardless of ethnicicity.

youdontknowme said...

I agree. Each pupil should have the same spent on them regardless of whether they are white or black

alanorei said...

Unfortunately, the book It's Your Time You're Wasting by ex-supply teacher, Frank Chalk, reveals that many white pupils from (so-called) working-class backgrounds wouldn't work unless they were pressed into a chain gang and constantly overseen by guards with whips.

The same goes for both boys and girls, from equivalent backgrounds.

Wasting Police Time by PC David Copperfield reinforces Mr Chalk's observations.

All else equal, Asians and Caucasians will perform about equally, academically.

Both groups will consistently perform better than blacks and the differences are statistically significant.

(Leeds University authorities 'went ape' when Dr Frank Ellis revealed such facts a few months back but they couldn't prove him wrong. Significantly, this fact was never reported explicitly.)

Thanks to the breakdown of traditional family values amongst white Britons in the last few decades, 'working-class' white pupils may well fall behind Asians, whose family structures tend to be male-dominated (sometimes brutally so) and therefore more stable than the all-too-common white household consisting of a single mum with serial boyfriends and assorted, often bastard, offspring by multiple fathers.

It has to be said that many of these 'poor whites' aren't so poor that they can't afford loads of lager, burgers, crisps etc. and up to three televisions per household, including one wide-screen plasma TV for the sitting room.

They don't work for these 'necessities' of course but do very well out of social security - paid for mainly by middle and lower-middle class Englanders who do work, as they always have done.

This is the main source of wealth that governments plunder, as they always have done and always will do, apart from, hopefully, a BNP administration.

Academically, if whites are not outperforming blacks, it basically means that both groups have descended to the lowest level, i.e. no education, whatever government spin doctors may assert to the contrary.

(This is the kind of assessment that got Dr Frank Ellis in hot water last year. Signifcantly, although Leeds University authorities howled like hysterical banshees, they couldn't prove him wrong. Also significantly, this fact was never reported.)

All that said, the government's latest scam is yet another despicable racist attack on the indigenous white population. Nothing will change (apart from getting worse) until a BNP Government takes over.

Then the real challenge will begin, to rebuild Britain from the political, social and moral chaos resulting from 50 years of successive governments' nation-wrecking policy in all essential aspects both home amd abroad.

The challenge presenting the first BNP Government will be greater than that which confronted the rebuilders of post-war Europe in 1945.

I hope we are equal to it.

BFB said...

The tone of this blog is decidedly 'racist'!

Didn't you know the term 'whites' is offensive to ehnic minorities?

alanorei said...

BfB said:

"Didn't you know the term 'whites' is offensive to ethnic minorities?"

Out of idle curiosity I have just checked in Wikipedia on the American series Smallville, about Superman/Clark Kent's teenage years in rural middle-America.

I discovered that Clark's eventual love-interest Lois Lane has a sister called Lucy Lane who makes occasional appearances in the series.

I then discover that she has a bastard offspring in a spinoff series, by an Afro-American.

More blackaganda.

Regardless of the fictional context, it's enough to make a buzzard puke.

P.S. I see in my pervious post, I repeated myself about Dr Frank Ellis. I must really be getting hacked off about 'racism.'