Sunday, January 07, 2007

Immigrants getting kidneys that Brits need

HEALTH tourists are receiving free National Health Service kidney treatment worth about £30,000 a year, and potentially competing with British patients for scarce transplants, according to new data.

The information, released under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that one hospital is spending up to £1m a year on dialysis for nearly 40 non-British residents; another has placed two asylum seekers on its waiting list for transplants and a third has recovered only 2% of its costs from overseas patients.

Doctors and patient groups say the NHS is struggling to provide kidney dialysis for British patients and is ill-equipped to cope with the extra demand.

If none Brits are going to receive treatment then they should pay for the full treatment up front as well as a ‘compensation wage’ to the Brit that is next in line to receive an organ.

The national shortage of kidneys could easily be rectified. I know some with think this is a disgusting idea. You only need 1 kidney to live. Why can’t you sell your kidney for whatever you want for it? We would get far more donors than we do now if people could get money for giving their organs up.

If you are dying and you have the money why shouldn’t you be able to purchase a kidney from someone who is perfectly healthy and has two kidneys? Who is being harmed in this transaction?


alanorei said...

Always remember, these health tourists will then be encouraged to vote nulab.

Nulab is the most callous and treacherous government this country has ever had.

That is saying a great deal, though things will not improve under a Tory nulab lookalike gov't.

Ellee said...

I carry a donor card, who knows where my organs will end up one day. Certainly the health needs of our citizens should come first, I heard Bulgaria was hot on medicine and was looking to develop health tourists, perhaps those in need of organs will be heading there in the near future.

CityUnslicker said...

My ex-grilfriend was American and needed hospital treatment, serious too, when she was over here.

Do you think she should not have received it because she was not British?

Without any detail on the cases it is hard to know if any of this is health tourism. Maybe it is, maybe it ain't.

youdontknowme said...

I think she should have paid for the treatment.

BFB said...

When I was in the Ukraine a few years back the woman I was with (who is a Ukrainian national) needed dental treatment which she had to pay for (almost 7o pounds, a lot of money in Ukraine). If I'd had an accident, or If I'd been assaulted and needed treatment, I too would have to pay (I was not insured).

As a result the Ukrainian health service is second to none! You go in (no waiting lists, no appointments, no queues) get treated and leave. The service is excellent.

Of course, we pay for the NHS through taxes and NI contributions, a system which is undermined by our tendency to be 'hospital to the world'.