Saturday, January 27, 2007

Police won't chase criminals incase of lawsuit

A mother said she was outraged after police refused to chase thieves who stole her sons' motorbikes - because the riders were not wearing helmets.

Pauline Nolan, from Greater Manchester, said officers told her they could not pursue the offenders in case they fell off and sued them.

Criminals should have no right to sue anyone never mind the police if they were hurt in the process of committing a crime.


james higham said...

I sort of agree. They'd have a right to sue but the moment they were convicted, the suit should lapse. Half the problem is being soft on the crims and that's Blair's and the EU's agenda.

By the way, you get a mention near the end of the Blogfocus this evening.

Matt M said...

My guess is it's a couple of lazy sods looking for an excuse. Pursuing the criminals would only be doing their job, and it's the cyclists fault if you're not wearing a helmet.