Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 2007 roundup

The month started with the government deciding they were going to fire a load of government workers because their town was too white and relocate to a more none white town.

A few days into the month we found a senior policeman with some sense who announced that smacking children would help reduce crime. He must be the only copper with some sense because police in Suffolk told residents that criminals were about to be released from prison but refused to give a description even though it was thought that they would re-offend.

Asylum seekers were paid thousands of pounds to go home and then decided to come back and try and get paid again and there was nothing to stop them doing so.

Labour doesn’t exactly care about crime anymore. They have decided to allow female criminals to escape prison for being female. That’s an ingenious way to reduce the prison population…

Stupidity is kinda what the government do best especially when we find that the Thatcher government thought up a plan to catch Nessie with a team of highly skilled dolphins.

Stupidity isn’t necessarily a government thing either, if it was a disease it has spread to the opposition too. They seem to want to tax people the more they fly.

Continuing with the stupidity theme it also seems like stupidity is part of local government too after a pensioner was threatened with a fine and a wheelbarrow confiscation if he tried to put sand back on a beach.

The judiciary were acting stupid too, well one judge was who decided that he would give a thief one last chance and not send him to jail even though he had already had more than 90 other chances.

The government also decided if you don’t have an ID card when they come out you will be banned from laving the country. It’s just a pity they won’t ban people from entering the country. Maybe then 1 million people wouldn’t have entered in just 3 years?

We all know the government hate our armed forces which is no surprise that soldiers aren’t being paid compensation when they are injured so badly that they will never fight again. No wonder that so many of them have mental health problems. Maybe the government should have more than 13 psychiatrists to deal with them?

Immigration was in the news again. It was found that higher than expected immigration numbers will make the housing crisis even worse than it is already. Immigration could also be the cause more baby deaths and physical harm for mothers. We are not the only ones suffering. Children in Romania whose parents have come here are getting so depressed that they are killing themselves.

Labour decided to legalise bank robbery for them by allowing them to take money from bank accounts that people hadn’t touched for 15 years. I wonder if they forgot about their baby bonds that they gave people. If he they did forget maybe we should tell them that it could harm the poor? They probably wouldn’t care anyway seeing as how in the budget they decided to tax the poor more. In the 1997 budget they decided to punish pensioners and people on low incomes more by taxing their pensions so Brown has a track record of hurting the poor. This is why they are allowing immigrants in, because it lowers wages of the people on low incomes.

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The blog of the month this month is A Conservative’s Blog which received 61% of the vote. Fulham Reactionary came second with 33% of the vote. Burning Our Money came third with 6% of the vote while As A Dodo came last with no votes.

Proof: people are getting poorer because of immigrants

Migrants from eastern Europe are pushing down British workers' wages and increasing unemployment, a senior Government adviser has warned.

Lord Turner has told Tony Blair that low-paid workers are earning less following the arrival of 600,000 migrants from countries such as Poland.

He also believes that unskilled British workers are being left without jobs.

The warning was given to the Prime Minister in a private seminar. Business leaders and MPs have made similar claims but these have been downplayed by the Government.

However, Lord Turner's intervention will be less easy to brush aside - he is a former chairman of the Low Pay Commission.

Evidence suggests that migrants are beginning to push down wages at the lower end of the income scale, he said.

They are displacing some lessskilled workers, and are making it more difficult to persuade some of the long-term unemployed to seek work as the pay on offer is low.

This is yet more evidence that Labour have nothing but contempt for the poorer members of society. They have done nothing but destroy any chances that the poor had to make a living. They are either making them poor by stealing their money or they are making them poor by manufacturing conditions that will lead to lower wages for them.

They have to be stopped. Give them a kick up the arse in May.

Hat Tip: Battle For Britain

Brown defied advice to make people poorer

A few days ago I blogged about how Brown was hurting the poor with his recent budget. It has been revealed that he has done this before; more specifically he did it in 1997 by scrapping of tax relief on dividends paid into pension funds. He can’t say he didn’t know it would make people poorer because The Times used a Freedom of Information Request which found that officials advised Mr Brown that:

–– The lower paid would be worse off under the new rules

–– Pensioners due to retire would lose out immediately

–– Businesses would struggle to adjust to the change

–– It would cost pension providers £4 billion a year

–– Pension benefits would be cut

–– Shares could drop by between 6 per cent and 20 per cent

–– The value of existing pension funds could fall immediately by £50 billion

–– Local authority schemes would need topping up, leading to higher public spending

–– The Department of Trade and Industry would be “gravely concerned” about having to bail out pension schemes driven into insolvency

So there we have it, Brown and his party have been deliberately making people poorer ever since they got into power. The only reason I can think why is that they want to make as many people dependent on them as they can which has been shown that they are doing. The people in power are mentally ill. We must get them out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NHS deficit worse than thought

The true scale of the NHS cash crisis is five times worse than ministers have claimed, new figures revealed yesterday.

The NHS as a whole officially recorded a deficit of £536 million last year, but the Tories claim that the real figure was actually £2.7 billion.

Official Department of Health statistics have revealed that health chiefs spent £74.3 billion in 2005-06 - much more than their cash limit of £71.6 billion.

Tory Health Secretary Andrew Lansley accused ministers of "fiddling the figures" to put a gloss on the problem.

He added that much of the overspend will be carried over to this year, meaning that NHS Trusts will be forced to make further cuts in jobs and services to make ends meet.

The Tories say that the Government balanced its books last year by underspending on things such as future medical negligence claims - which have no immediate financial impact on the NHS.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has faced repeated accusations of 'Del Boy accounting' in an attempt to save her job.

Miss Hewitt has promised to stand down if the service did not break even by the end of March.

Unless the NHS miraculously recovers within the next few days I hope to see Hewitt stand down. The NHS has been totally fucked up by these people. It’s time someone’s career was fucked up because of it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Immigrant pregnancies

The BBC has been told the influx of eastern Europeans to the
UK has led to a massive rise in pregnancies and abortion requests in some areas.

Health professionals warn that some antenatal services are stretched to breaking point.

Doctors say the new arrivals are largely young, fit and fertile: the number of pregnant women has doubled; one in four women asking for an abortion is eastern European.

In one GP practice in Luton in Bedfordshire, 400 new patients register every month - and 80% are eastern European.

Dr Nina Pearson specialises in women's health at the Lea Vale Medical Group, near Luton town centre.

She said services for pregnant women were stretched to the limit.

"The number of cases that we have at the moment is more or less double what we would expect for our practice population.

"It's having an enormous impact on the workload for the midwives - and then of course there's the post natal work, and the baby checks, babies that are needing immunisations.

"It's an area of work that we are struggling to keep up with at the moment."

It was reported earlier this month that there is a national shortage of midwives and that as a consequence deaths of mothers have increased by one fifth to 391 while 17,000 women have experienced physical harm. How many lives would be saved if these eastern Europeans were made to give birth in their own countries?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Elect the BBC boss

MARK THOMPSON, the head of the BBC, is to be questioned by MPs over the “dubious” content of the corporation’s channel for young adults after commissioning a string of programmes with expletive-ridden titles.

The latest offerings from BBC3 include F*** Off, I’m a Hairy Woman; F*** Off, I’m Ginger; and My Big Breasts and I.

Other shows to be broadcast on the digital channel later this year include a £200,000 documentary, The History of the C-Word, and a programme about the size of men’s penises.

Critics believe that BBC3 has plunged to depths of sensationalism that were once the preserve of Channel 4 when it earned its then boss, Michael Grade, the newspaper columnist’s soubriquet of “pornographer-in-chief”.

The critics claim BBC3, which is aimed at the 16-34 age group and has an annual budget of £93m, is failing to meet the BBC’s public service remit and is a waste of licence payers’ money.

We all know how biased the BBC is. They have even admitted it. We also know that they are an anti British broadcasting co-operation with a Marxist agenda. Even when the a decent party comes to power it is going to be very difficult to change this but the BBC needs to be purged of the loony left and other anti British elements and I have a way to do this easily.

If the BBC is to remain the property of this country (and I would like it to) I think citizens should decide who runs it. I think democracy can be used. We should be deciding on how it is run. We should decide on the BBC Chief Executive Officer, either that or we should be able to elect the 12 BBC Board of governors (or trustees as they are now known). Each UK region (there are 12 of them) could elect their own governor and they could work together and decide on the running of the BBC.

The leader (or leaders) of the BBC could decide on how to fund the BBC, if there should be a license fee and what programmes they will show.

They could also decide on the employment of the BBC. Lets face it, most BBC staff wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the BBC being Marxist inclined. The utter rubbish that they turn out would be stopped in an instant if there was democracy in the BBC.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Romanian children suffer as parents come here

The headmaster glanced around the classroom. "Hands up, those of you with parents who are working abroad," he told them. A forest of arms shot up; out of a class of 21 pupils at the school in Liteni in northern Romania, only three children kept their hands on the desks.

"Who do you stay with?" the headmaster, Gheorghe Moga, asked. "My grandmother," replied one of the 10-year-olds with his hand in the air. "My cousin," said an 11-year-old. Mr Moga went around the room. Grandmother, cousin, grandmother, cousin...

Romania, a nation mired in poverty, is counting the true cost of living on the edge of western Europe. Hundreds of thousands of parents are leaving their children with friends or relatives in order to go abroad in search of work.

The adults, who often send back money for toys, mobiles and school books, believe that they are making a sacrifice for the good of their children, but the Romanian authorities say their new wealth often comes at a terrible price. Many of the children left behind have become miserable and withdrawn and some, unable to cope without their parents, have killed themselves.

Last March, Razvan Suculiuc walked home from school in the village of Ciortesti, fed the chickens, went to the woodshed and hanged himself. He was 10-years-old.

In February, eight-year-old Constantin Jitaru hanged himself in Uricani village in western Romania while his mother was working in -Germany. He had been performing well at school but apparently missed his mother.

In November, an 11-year-old boy killed himself in Mosna village, in the Moldova region. He and his two brothers had been left with another family by his parents, both of whom were working abroad.

Hat Tip: FeenXP.

Benefits sent to foreign countries

THOUSANDS of Britons are receiving government sickness benefits while living abroad, many of them in holiday hotspots.

More than 12,000 UK citizens receive a combined total of £46m a year in benefits while living in places such as Spain, Jamaica and Cyprus.

A quarter of those claiming sickness benefit or incapacity benefit (IB) from outside Britain live in Spain, while 1,600 live in France, and hundreds more live in Malta, Jamaica, Italy and Cyprus.

Why are we giving benefits to people who don’t even live in this country? Brits living in foreign countries can’t exactly be poor so why can’t they pay for themselves? We could save tens of millions per year if we told them to either come back or stop receiving benefits. Why can’t they receive benefits from the country they are in? We give Poles child benefit and many other benefits.

Hat Tip: Burning Our Money.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Calls for amnesty... again

A CONTROVERSIAL campaign to allow
Britain’s estimated 560,000 illegal immigrants to become citizens of the UK came under fire last night.

The Strangers into Citizens scheme proposes to offer two-year work permits to illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers, who had been in the UK for four years, had no criminal record and could speak English.

After the two years, they would be assessed on employer and community references and could gain the right to live and work in the UK permanently.

This is nothing less than an amnesty for illegal immigrants. For those who don’t remember this amnesty was discussed last June but people didn’t like it so it was dropped. Now they have changed it so it sounds slightly more reasonable to allow it to go forward but it is more or less the exact same thing that they were discussing last June.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brown punishes the poor

I blogged yesterday that it looks as if Labour are trying to punish the poor with their new taxes. The budget has just been announced today and it seems I was right.

According to A Conservatives blog Gordon Brown has reduced taxes by 2p but he has scrapped the 10p rate of tax so you have to be earning something like £17,000 to be better off. If you are not you are worse off.

I thought Labour was supposed to help the poor? I thought Brown wanted to reduce inequality? It seems like he is increasing it again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Labour to tax the poor

Gordon Brown is set to rob you of all your money if you leave your bank dormant for 15 years. Don’t worry you can claim it back if you remember you have the money in the first place. I might just be a cynic but this seems like it’s going to punish the poor more than the rich. Let me explain…

Remember those baby bonds worth £250 that every baby will get which they can take out when they reach the age of 18? It seems from birth to adulthood is more than 15 years to me… This means that Brown will be taxing money that he has given you. Who will have left these baby bonds dormant for the longest periods? It will be the poorer families who can’t afford to add extra money to their child’s bank account while the richer members of society will be able to.

Apparently Brown has a clear vision about reducing inequality but won’t this just increase inequality?

Hat tip: Bel is thinking

One last chance?

A shoplifter known as the meat thief' has walked free from court after stabbing a supermarket worker with a needle.

Adrian Bryan shouted I have Aids' as he brandished the weapon in a struggle with Tesco worker Alan Iles after he was caught stealing chicken.

But a judge at Swindon crown court said he was giving the 31-year-old a last chance' when he imposed a suspended sentence.

Instead of going to jail Bryan will have to do 15 hours a week of drug work and undergo regular testing to ensure he is off drugs.

The court heard he has 94 previous convictions which include 63 matters for dishonesty and four offences against the person.

Passing sentence Judge Douglas Field said "You have an appalling record and it is all down to your drug problem.

"You're 31 and unless you address that now the rest of your life you are going to be in and out of prison.

"Although I would be completely justified in sending you to prison concerning these matters I have decided you should be given one last chance.

One last chance? He has already had 94. His last chance should have been atleast 90 crimes ago. I wonder how many chances I would get if I began a life of crime.

Crime isn’t supposed to pay but if you can just get a slap on the wrist for more than 90 crimes crime obviously does pay.

Immigration causes shortage of homes

Higher-than-expected numbers of EU immigrants and more people living alone will make the shortage of new homes in England worse over the next 20 years, according to the latest Government figures.

Figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government show 4.8 million new households are expected to form in England between 2004 and 2006, requiring 223,000 new homes a year to accommodate them.

This is an increase of 24,000 a year on previous estimates and brings to 64,000 the annual shortfall in home completions.

The increase is mainly because of unexpectedly high immigration from the rest of Europe, particularly Poland and seven other new EU member states.

If we want to keep our green belt land and our countryside we must stop anymore immigrants from coming in until our population has stabilised. When the population is stable, only then should we be thinking about letting any in and when we do it should only be the amount that we need so there will be no hundreds of thousands of immigrants. It would be limited to a few hundred every year.

Two in three support death penalty

Nearly two thirds of Britons support the
reintroduction of capital punishment, a survey carried out to promote a tourist attraction said today.

Of those who supported the move, nearly eight out of 10 said murderers should face a capital sentence.

Meanwhile, 62% backed the death penalty for sex criminals and 58% for terrorists.

The method of execution which achieved the most backing from interviewees was lethal injection (68%), followed by hanging (25%), firing squad (5%) and electric chair (2%).

In the survey, 88% said executions should be carried out as humanely as possible.

But the remaining 12% insisted it should be conducted to "create suffering in proportion to the crime committed".

It’s a pity we won’t get what we want. If we were a proper democracy like Switzerland we would already have capital punishment.

Our present government never give people what they want and they don’t look like they will in the future.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Support the BNP cadet officer

A member of the BNP in Scotland has been victimised for his beliefs. He was an army cadet officer with the rank of RSM. His commanding officer found out that he was standing as a BNP candidate and asked if he would stand down from his position. He refused and was demoted. Read the rest here.

It would be supportive if the blogosphere, especially the BNP blogosphere show solidarity with this man by linking to his blog which can be seen here. You can even more supportive by talking about his plight on your blogs to raise awareness about what has happened.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Asylum seekers paid to go then come back

THOUSANDS of asylum - seekers who pocketed Government bribes to quit
Britain are heading back to the UK - to claim a second helping.

Last year alone, more than 6,000 foreigners were handed up to £3,000 each plus a plane ticket to leave.

But under barmy Home Office rules, there is nothing to stop them returning to ask for asylum AGAIN in the hope of grabbing another bundle of taxpayers' cash.

The "free money" scandal costs Brits more than £40million a year in payouts, air fares and admin costs.

At least 300 people have already been caught returning to Britain to try to get another pay-off under their real names.

Incredibly, 200 of the 300 who were nabbed were later allowed to stay in the country.

I thought the government was stupid but I didn’t think they were that stupid especially when they even let the ones that have conned us stay in the country. These people are idiots.

Hat tip: Burning Our Money.

Green policies won't do it

Senior politicians have spent the past week queuing up to demonstrate their green credentials.

Gordon Brown promised to save five million tons of carbon by helping people reduce emissions from their homes with grants to improve insulation and energy-saving lightbulbs.

Many people will probably find 5 million tons of carbon a lot but it isn’t. Last night I was trying to see how much the CO2 of Britain would reduce with my journey reduction ‘policy’. I found that it would reduce CO2 by 6.2 million tonnes and then I found out that Britain contributes 554.2 million tonnes as of 2005 which would mean I would only be reducing it by 1.19%. Doing what Brown and I both suggest would only reduce it by around 2%. Not a lot as you can see.

The treatment of soldiers

The government is again treating our soldiers like dirt. More than 7000 soldiers have been seriously wounded, so much so that they can no longer fight. The injury compensation that they should be receiving is going to be delayed for up to three years. This has already meant that one wounded soldier who had his arm blown off could not afford to heat his home at Christmas.

Private Challis, 23, was shot in April 2004 during a night ambush on his patrol. Bullets hit his back and arm and he thought he was going to die. Now he lives in agony and poverty.

L/Cpl Keegan, 25, was badly wounded while storming an Iraqi trench. A home-made grenade exploded between his legs and he could now be left infertile.

Even when they do receive anything it is a paltry sum, not enough for anyone to live on. It is a betrayal of our fighting men. Colonel Tim Collins discovered after leaving service that he was entitled to compensation for neck and ankle injuries sustained in a parachuting accident. It took him six months to arrange monthly payments of £114.

This is not all. Since the Iraqwar began more than 2000 troops now have mental health problems however there are only 13 psychiatrists to cover the whole Armed Forces.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is As A Dodo.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pensioner banned from putting sand on a beach

A pensioner has been threatened with prison or a £50,000 fine if he takes windblown sand back to the beach where it came from.

Arthur Bulmer’s seafront garden became carpeted after a week of storms swept tons of sand from the beach across the road.

It seemed like common sense to shovel it into his wheelbarrow and take it back, load by load, to its rightful place.

But the local council did not share Mr Bulmer's idea of logic.

Doing that, they told him, would class as fly-tipping, for which the maximum penalty is a £50,000 fine or six months in jail.

Oh, and he would also have his wheelbarrow confiscated.

Mr Bulmer, a widower with four grandchildren, has now paid £500 for a private firm to take away the sand. But he is aware that a few nights of heavy wind would bring it all back. "It took two men seven hours to clear the sand from my front garden," he said.

"The sand is not my property. It has just invaded my garden. We want the local authority to show some common sense and help us do something about this problem.

"I can’t understand their logic. They say I can't return the sand from where it came from because it is contaminated once it has left the beach.

"But when their own workmen scoop it off the roads they put it back, contaminated or not.”

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Good news from France

's far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen has collected the 500 sponsor signatures he needs to run in April's presidential election, his party says.

The leader of the National Front will submit the 500 signatures to the Constitutional Council himself later on Wednesday, the AFP news agency reports.

Every candidate must be endorsed by at least 500 elected officials to stand, and has until Friday to do so.

I was beginning to think he wouldn’t get the 500 signatures. The last I heard he had 400 and was struggling to get any more signatures. I hope this is a good sign and I hope he wins.

Good luck France. Make the intelligent choice and vote Le Pen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Women to escape justice

Only the most dangerous female criminals should be kept behind bars, a controversial Government report has said.

Thousands of women currently sentenced to two years or less would escape jail.

And those who are such a threat to the public that they must be sentenced to custody would no longer go to one of the country's 15 women’s prisons – which would all close.

Instead, killers such as Rose West – serving life for the murder of ten young women and girls – would be sent to "homely" local custody units.

There they would be allowed to live as a "family unit" with between 20 and 30 other women prisoners, organising their own shopping, budgets and cooking.

Oh just wonderful. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier for criminals to escape justice this comes along and shows you it can. Get ready for a female crime wave. If they murder someone in the process it’s ok. They would be sent to live with a family unit.

Whats to stop a male and female mugger killing someone in the process of their crime and then just saying it was the female who did it?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Elect Head teachers

It is becoming clear that we need to elect our head teachers. Two recent news stories have shown this. The first is about how our children are being indoctrinated with fairy stories on homosexuality and the next is on a head teacher who took finger prints of children without the consent of the parents and who told the children not to tell their parents.

If they were elected every 2 years by parents of the children in those schools they wouldn’t dare do any of that because they would be fired at the next election.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Cameron greener than me?

Harsh new taxes on air travel, including a strict personal flight "allowance", will be unveiled by the Conservatives tomorrow as part of a plan that would penalise business travellers, holidaymakers and the tourist industry.

The proposals, to be disclosed by George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, include levying VAT or fuel duty on domestic flights for the first time as part of a radical plan to tackle global warming.

The Conservatives will also suggest - most controversially of all - rationing individuals to as little as a single short-haul flight each year; any further journeys would attract progressively higher taxes, a leaked document entitled Greener Skies suggests.

Will we be able to trade our flight allowances to other people if we aren’t going to use them?

This is stupid and like The Last Ditch says it will spell ruin for the economy of this country.

Of course I have my own weird solution like always. If you believe that humans are causing global warming (which I don’t) then this would probably reduce the CO2 without seriously damaging the economy. I will be getting some of my info from a Civil Aviation Authority report which you can read here.

In 2004 there were 3,670,000 (see page 93). My proposal would be put a cap on the number of flights each year. The first time we could cap the amount of flights at 3.5 million which isn’t decreasing it much and it would be putting it to around 1999 levels.

Once the cap has been put on it you then auction off these journeys in 5%s putting a cap at around 15% so as not to create a monopoly. The bidders would of course be aeroplane companies. Once 85% of them have been auctioned off another 10% would be auctioned off to the smaller aeroplane companies in 2%s. The last 5% would not be auctioned off at first until the year started. When it did the 5% would be traded per journey and sold for the market price (whatever the average price was for each journey at the auction). After 1 month the other companies can sell off the journeys that they had bid on in a journey trading scheme.

Reducing the number of journeys would decrease CO2 and it wouldn’t harm the airlines because they would decide on their own tax which would be what they could afford.

This would also probably reduce Airprox’s (see pg 89 for definition but they are essential ‘near misses’) which stood at 130 in 2004 (see pg 91) because the skies would be less crowded.

The treasury would get a lot of money from this. Consider that each journey was sold for £5,000 (which isn’t much especially when there are about 300 seats on a plane which would mean £16.66 ‘tax’ on a plane ticket) and that there were 3.5 million journeys. This would mean that £17.5 billion would be taken in tax revenue which is a lot of money. This wouldn’t count the VAT on journey trading.

Clean aircraft that contributed less CO2 would be given a tax rebate but most of the money would still be taxed. This would encourage innovation in the plane industry to either develop greener aircraft or develop aircraft that were bigger to get more passengers on.

It would also be good for the environment especially if it mean that Stansted airport was not increased in size which local residents do not want because it will mean the bulldozing of:

• 73 homes, including 18 listed buildings
• 4 county wildlife sites
• 21 hectares of woodland
• 386 hectares of special landscape value
• 47 hectares of high quality landscape character area
• 5.2km of rivers

I think you will agree that even if you think this is a bad idea it is still good for the environment.

Any thoughts on the idea?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Swiss reject healthcare proposal

Earlier today I mentioned that Swiss voters were today voting in a referendum on healthcare insurance. Final results show that 76% of Swiss citizens have voted against the changes which means that even more than last time are against it as 73% rejected it last time.

There it is, people power in action. I can only hope that one day we have the direct democracy that the Swiss have, more infact.

Should have finished him off

This is why law abiding people should be able to own guns.

This is what actually happened:

As I put my keys in the front door, I heard the sound of someone in the flat. The red mist came down. This was my chance to get even.

I opened the service door at the back of the building and spotted a shovel and a bamboo stick. It was always going to be the shovel. As I got to the back of my flat, I was confronted by someone shouting, "It's all right, it's all right" while trying to squeeze out of the little window in the bathroom, the only window that wasn't barred.

I hit him very hard on the head with the shovel. He flew out of the window, but not before I had turned the blade sideways and struck him between his fingers, cleaving his hand open. When he landed on the floor, I kicked him hard in the nuts. When none of the above worked, I bottled it and ran. After I tried about 10 neighbours' doors, one eventually called the police. When they arrived, I was immediately bitten on the arm by an Alsatian. I explained that I was the victim and we went back to my flat with the snappy dog in tow.

My front door was hanging off its hinges: the burglar had returned through the service door when I'd run off, obviously deciding to get his loot rather than get me.

The flat was covered in blood, all over the walls and floor, including his bloody handprint, complete with cleft. The shovel had stuck to it a 50p piece-sized disc of scalp, complete with hair. I should have cut his head off, the policemen told me. If I had, they added, I would have gone to jail.

As far as I am concerned he had every right to kill him. Burglars will not wait for you to call the police. If you ever catch anyone illegally in your home you should have every right to kill that person while they are in your home and not even get arrested for it. If more people actually took on criminals they would think twice before doing anything illegal, certainly if they faced physical attacks and possibly death for being scumbags.

Hat tip: Pub Philosopher.

In 3 years 1 million people enter Britain

More than a million foreigners have been allowed to come to work in
Britain in just three years - and given the right to remain indefinitely.

The numbers of migrants, who are also entitled to bring their families and settle, have been revealed in new figures released to MPs by the Home Office. They reveal for the first time the full impact that officially sanctioned immigration is having on the UK work force.

They show that the issuing of work permits to people from non-European Union countries continued to accelerate even after the expansion of the EU in 2004, which has already brought an unprecedented number of eastern European workers to Britain.

Between 2004 and last year, a record 309,000 non-EU citizens were granted long-term work permits carrying potential entitlement to settle.

In the same period, 555,000 eastern Europeans have also joined the UK's Worker Registration Scheme, while the Home Office estimates that a further 150,000 eastern Europeans have come to Britain as self-employed.

It is not known how many of the million migrants have exercised their right to stay in Britain, or how many have returned to their home countries. Overall, according to the Home Office, one-tenth of Britain's adult population -about five million people - is now foreign-born.

Is it any wonder that the BNP look like they could double their number of councillors and have the potential to get an extra 93 councillors elected?

The government has shown that they no longer care about British people, it is doubtful whether they ever did. People are finally seeing that the BNP are the only choice to save the country.

Switzerland head to the polls

Today, voters in Switzerland are heading to the polling stations in the nation’s first initiative referendum of the year. They will be deciding on a proposal to introduce a single health insurance company in Switzerland and premiums based on income and wealth. The plan, which is supported by the centre-left but opposed by the centre-right as well as the business community, parliament and the government, is the latest in a series of attempts to cut increasing costs, notably health premiums.

There are currently 87 private insurers providing mandatory coverage for basic health care for residents in Switzerland under a 1996 law. But health premiums have soared spectacularly over the past decade.

More than 100,000 people are no longer covered because they haven't paid their premiums.

Switzerland has the most expensive health system in Europe, according to an international comparison. It spent 11.6 per cent on health in 2005, ahead of Germany and France, but behind the United States.

This is what I like about Switzerland, citizens get to decide many things. It looks like the initiative will fail but it is still people power. I like the fact that power is divided between the government and the people. This is the way it should be.

Obviously I don’t live in Switzerland and I don’t know much about the argument but I would probably be in favour of this proposal as long as it was a government insurance scheme as a private monopoly would just take advantage and would probably lead to higher premiums but then again people still should have the option of a none government scheme.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Burning our money.

Millions to be banned from leaving Britain

Remember those pesky ID cards that the government said would be voluntary? Well it seems that the government is stretching the meaning of ‘voluntary’. You can still opt out of the ID cards but you will be banned from leaving the country. The only countries that have ever banned their people from leaving their own country was the USSR and present day North Korea and Cuba all of which love freedom so much.

5 million people are expecting to refuse to go along with having an ID card which means that millions of people will be refused the right to leave the country.

This is not voluntary. The government doesn’t have a clue what voluntary means and continues to get more and more totalitarian. I for one will not be getting an ID card. Infact if they phone me up about it I will tell them where to stick it. Unfortunately this might mean that I am going to be banned from leaving this country for the rest of my life. I had no plans to anyway…

Friday, March 09, 2007

Executing time..

Some murderers are serving too long in jail, meaning prisons will become "full of geriatric lifers", Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips has said.

My solution: Execute the lot of them.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Parliament votes for 100% elected Lords

In their typical class hatred Parliament voted to have a 100% elected House of Lords on the basis that it would be more democratic even though democracy would actually make this country less democratic. Yes it’s a paradox and Parliament doesn’t understand.

Democracy is based on the basis that there are checks and balances; well it is for a country with a population our size. Having elected lords would pretty much destroy the most important checks and balances.

The year is 2015…

Prime Minister Miliband of the newly elected Labour government successfully passes the controversial bar codes law stating all children under the age of 18 must report to the nearest coding facility and have their mandatory bar code tattooed on their hands. The law is up for a vote in the Lords. Despite opposition from the public because it was never in their election manifesto the Labour dominated Lords pass the law. 3 months later children are queuing to get their bar code.

Back to the present…

That will of course never happen but just substitute the bar code legislation for ANY legislation. If the Lords are to be elected it will just be a clone of the Commons and any check on the government is lost.

Politicians will just toe the party line. Those unelected Lords do not need to do that. The whips are effectively powerless in the Lords. This has been shown time and time again. If it wasn’t for the Lords the ID cards wouldn’t be optional. They would be mandatory.

All those that are against the Lords constantly parrot that it is an undemocratic institution. Have they ever asked themselves the most important question? The question being ‘does it work?’ The answer is of course it works. It has shown that it works for hundreds of years.

I agree, it does need a bit of reform but not so much that it means that it is 100% elected. The reform I have suggested has been blogged about here.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some things that they wanted to keep secret

I came across this list of 59 things that would have stayed secret if it wasn’t for the Freedom of Information Act. I will list a selection of them here:

»The Thatcher Government concocted a plan to search for the Loch Ness monster using a team of dolphins

»Foreign diplomats – who have diplomatic immunity – were accused of rapes, sexual assaults, child abuse and murders while working in Britain

»The Government agreed a £1.5m bailout of one of the most troubled schools in its flagship city academies programme ten days before the 2005 general election

»Politicians are spending £2.2bn a year of taxpayers’ money on private management consultants

»Tony Blair spent nearly £2,000 of taxpayers' money on cosmetics over six years

»Seventy-four police officers serving with the Metropolitan Police have criminal records

»Six British military policemen died at the hands of an Iraqi mob in Majar al-Kabir because nearby reinforcements decided it was too dangerous to rescue them

»Health tourists received free NHS kidney treatment worth about £30,000 a year, potentially competing with British patients for scarce transplants

»John Birt, Tony Blair's key adviser in Downing Street, identified the abolition of National Service as a significant factor in the “exponential” rise in crime over the past 50 years

»A cache of more than 300 weapons, including air pistols, swords and an improvised flame-thrower, were seized from schoolchildren in one year

»Police were instructed to let off offenders with a caution if they commit any one of more than 60 types of crime, ranging from assault to some types of theft, criminal damage and underage sex.

»Two hundred serving police officers have criminal records for offences that include assault, breach of the peace, theft and vandalism.

»Documents suggested that one in 15 officers has broken the law

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Police show their stupidity

Police have warned householders to be on their guard against three career criminals who are about to be released from prison.

But, astonishingly, they are refusing to name the villains - for fear of violating their human rights.

Officers in Suffolk are convinced the three, all drug addicts, will begin committing burglaries again after they are released in a few weeks.

Their concerns prompted them to warn householders in the men's home area, telling them to be sure doors are locked and windows securely closed.

But they are refusing to give out crucial details which could help families protect themselves - including the men's photographs, names and ages.

This is utter stupidity. As far as I am concerned criminals automatically forfeit all their rights once they commit a crime. The sentences that criminals get should be the absolute minimum that they serve. If the authorities think that they will re-offend they should be locked up a bit more until it is certain that they won’t commit a crime.

As far as it being public knowledge about their crimes I think everyone’s crimes should be on a public database so all you have to do is type in a name or address in a website and it will come up with all the information of that offender including name, offence and their photo.

When people know they have criminals in their area they can watch out for them and be more careful.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Improving education through competition

Minette Marrin of the Sunday Telegraph has the right idea on education. She thinks we should follow the Swedish idea. I have liked the Swedish system ever since I read this.

I have thought long and hard and I don’t believe the government can be trusted with a near monopoly on Education. Government after government have shown that they can’t be trusted with the educational needs of our children. Only competition can improve schools which has been proven in Sweden.

I like the Swedish system but I do think it needs a few changes. In their system parents are given vouchers towards the cost of education which is the price of what the government would spend on you. The schools cannot charge fees. I would allow the schools to charge fees as the more money invested in that child’s education the better they will do. Even a few hundred pounds extra per year would give them an advantage. If they couldn’t afford that fees that the schools MIGHT charge they can go to a state school which would be made to improve because they would lose out on pupils which would mean that they have to close down.

In their system the schools also can’t choose. It’s first come first serve. While this is ok it might stop the school from educating those it was originally intended to educate such as a girls school having to take in boys. It has been proven that the sexes learn differently and it would spoil both sexes education if a school wasn’t used for it’s original purpose. This would have a downside which would be that schools would probably only take the best and the brightest leaving the ones that are in badly need of a better education sidelined. This would mean that the government should choose the last 10% of pupils in that school from a pool of those already turned down and who can afford it if the school charges fees.

Independent schools have been proven to work wherever they have been started including Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand.

State schools would be changed to. Head teachers would be elected by the parents of the children every 2 years to make the schools more accountable. Those head teachers that are providing bad education would be sacked by the parents.

A policeman with some sense

At last, a senior policeman with some sense. I was beginning to think you had to be a complete idiot to get anywhere in the police but not this guy. He knows that smacking would actually help reduce crime and is hoping for it to be brought back.

Again there are some do gooders in the story and they come in the form of the charity Children 1st who think that children who are smacked may be more likely to resort to violence in later life. They ignore the fact that crime is sky high and people are already assaulting each other in record numbers.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I get my information!

I went to the Teesside BNP committee meeting today where we were deciding who was going to stand where and how many we were going to have stand. It’s around 15 up to now. We told the papers 10 a few months back. Getting back on track now…

I was told that one of our candidates is a prison officer in Holmehouse Prison. You might remember that prison from my requests for freedom of information on the amount spent on digital TV and computer games. I can now confirm that not only do prisoners get Playstations and Satellite Television but the prisoners also get LCD TVs. This certainly isn’t convincing them not to come back especially when they will be treated better than any law abiding member of the public.

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Fulham Reactionary.

My ideas become e-petitions

It seems two of my ideas have become e-petitions. One of them is Limiting Child benefit to two children which has received 57 signatures. The other one is about having a public database of people that are claiming benefits so people know if their neighbours are committing benefit fraud which has received 5 signatures.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Freedom of Information delay

This blog post is once again about the freedom of information request that was supposed to be answered. Last month they said this:

We will not be able to provide a full response within the stipulated period. Your request is being dealt with as a matter of urgency and now aim to respond by 2nd March 2007.

My request was:

‘How much is spent on digital TV (Sky, Freeview, NTL etc), and games consoles (Xbox, Playstation and games etc) between January 2002- October 2006 in Holmehouse Prison’

I got a response today and they said:

Whilst we continue to make progress in considering your request and the exemption contained within s43 if the act I will be unable to provide a response by today as previously stated. I now aim to respond by 03.04.07.

I apologise for this continued delay and thank you for your patience in this matter.

I now have to wait another month and a day even though I have been waiting since November for an answer and if I wait until April I will have been waiting for 5 months. Who thinks they are just fobbing me off until the new Freedom of Information law comes into force?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

White workers discriminated against

If any more evidence was needed that the Government hates white people then this would be it. The government have decided to relocate from Leicester because the workforce was too white. Yes that’s right. They are discriminating against people because they are white.

They are not happy just discriminating against whites in the education system (where none white education gets £178 million more than white education) but now they want to fire a whole workforce for being too white.