Saturday, June 17, 2006

Amnesty for half a million illegals

Our treasonous government is going one step further in selling us down the road. Their treason knows no ends. The government are thinking about giving an amnesty to the illegal immigrants in this country.

They estimate the amount of illegal immigrants at 570,000 but it is probably much higher than thought.

Whats more our treacherous unions are the ones behind it. Unions are supposed to be getting the best deal for the workers but they are deliberately undermining their bargaining power. More workers mean less in your pay packet. Do you not understand that? The unions have their own agenda and it is not about protecting the workers. It’s about furthering their Marxist one world government agenda.

If you want better rights and more wages its time to kill off the unions. Without them there would be no call for an amnesty and if there was no illegals flooding into this country the workers would get a far better deal.

The government say that it will take 20 years to get rid of all the illegals. That is total BS and they know it. All they have to do is reward people for telling the authorities where illegal immigrants are and severely fine those who employ them. It’s also BS because just last month it took the News of the World newspaper just a few hours to round up two busloads of illegals and it could have been more. All we have to do is take a lesson from the News of the World and put word out that we are looking for cheap labourers.

This government is so incompetent that even a newspaper can do better than them. Maybe we should elect the News of the World into government atleast we know they couldn’t do a worse job than the present lot of traitors and criminals.

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