Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cameron wants to end multicultural society?

It is an uncomfortable conclusion from happiness research data perhaps - but multicultural communities tend to be less trusting and less happy.

What more evidence do liberals need that multiculturalism is not good? Maybe now liberals and other idiots will now realise that multiculturalism benefits no society. It is not a strength but a weakness. If anyone says that depression is a strength should be put up against a wall and shot.

Well atleast there is some good coming from the last few weeks. In an effort to get people thinking he is a rather nice guy David Cameron has said there is more to life than making money, arguing that improving people's happiness is a key challenge for politicians.

If Cameron is now trying to make people happy shouldn’t he now be trying to achieve the destruction of multiculturalism which has now been proven to be depressing? Wouldn’t we all be happier without a multicultural society? Somehow I doubt the sincerity of Mr Cameron but we can all hope.

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