Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Criminal gets KFC to protect human rights

Is it any wonder that crime is out of control in this country when we treat criminals like royalty?

Two days ago a car thief that was cornered on a roof top was given KFC for lunch as the police were trying to look after his human rights. What dumbarse idiocy.

The snipers should have been called and he should have been shot as soon as the snipers had a clear shot instead of letting this man take the mick out of the police.

Once you commit a crime or in situations like this one if don’t follow the instructions of a policeman you should forfeit your human rights. If you can’t act like a civilised member of the community you should not be treated like a civilised member of the community. Human rights should only be for law abiding citizens.

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dizzyfatplonka said...

He should have thrown it back in their face and demanded a full English.