Friday, June 23, 2006

Labour to lose next election

Labour are scared, very scared. They know that their treason has been noticed and the people will no longer tolerate it and that they are on the verge of losing the next election and being out of power for another 15 years.

That is fantastic news. If Labour was more competent than the News of the World then they might get the votes but the fact is people will no longer tolerate the incompetence and treason that comes with Labour. People are sick of the destruction of Britain and exploding immigration that is only beneficial for the big businessman.

Its time to say no to immigration, no to treason, no to incompetence, and no to Labour.

The only bad thing is we will probably get Cameron who is just a Blair clone and wannabe environmentalist who says one thing and does a totally different thing. As long as we have the lib-lab-cons as the only ones with any chance of forming a government the future doesn’t look too bright.

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