Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A solution to political party funding

Why do politicians want tax payers to fund political parties? I have a solution and Labour have just made that solution available in the last few days.

They can create their own super casinos and make millions per year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prison toilets to become Islam friendly

It seems that prisoners are getting whatever they want these days and Muslim criminals are getting even more. Toilets in Brixton prison are being redesigned so they don’t face Mecca to make the Muslims happy so they don’t have to sit sideways.

Prison bosses are refusing to say how much this will cost but my guess is that the cost would help fund more prison places which apparently is not needed as much as redesigning of toilets.

52 prisoners take bribe to leave prison

Only 52 of the thousands of foreign prisoners clogging up
Britain's jails have taken a £2,500 'bribe' offered by John Reid to return home.

The scheme's failure is a hammer blow to the Home Secretary's hopes of solving the prison overcrowding crisis.

Why are we asking these people to leave? Infact why are we giving them any money at all? They should be made to leave once they have served their entire sentence. They lost the right to make decisions for themselves once they commit a crime in this country.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Prisoners now control Belmarsh

GUARDS at top security Belmarsh jail have been told to call inmates by their first names and back off in violent situations to create a "cosy, friendly atmosphere".

The jail holds some of the country's most notorious prisoners including terrorists, killers and gangsters.

Hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza is among those locked up there.

But in a stormy staff meeting governor Claudia Strutt banned the use of control and restraint techniques - known as C&R - unless there's a riot.

In a further effort to "improve relations" some staff have also been issued with name badges and told to wear polo shirts instead of traditional uniforms after some inmates complained they found them "too intimidating".

Previously, officers could restrain an inmate if they believed it would prevent a fight, if they refused to go to their cell, or for their own safety.

The source explained: "A prisoner may create absolute hell and come up into officers' faces and act in a threatening manner. Usually officers would restrain them using minimum force and put them in their cell. Now officers have to simply walk away.

The insider revealed: "The governor said, 'I want no questions or complaints, there have been too many C&Rs. You're not allowed to do it anymore. From now on you must back off'.

"It got quite stormy, officers made it clear they weren't happy, but the governor wouldn't listen."

The source claimed: "This is all about manipulating figures. A report goes to the Prison Service HQ every month detailing how many C&Rs there have been.

"If that figure goes down it will look like Belmarsh is under control and all of the prisoners are behaving themselves."

It’s nice to see that the prisoners are in control of the prison.

It seems to me that the governor is only doing it to manipulate the figures. Why does he have to reports these C&Rs anyway? What useful purpose could they serve? There is no need. Get rid of the paperwork and you save money too.

33% of Muslims want sharia law

According to The Sun just over a third of Muslims want sharia law introduced into this country. When I read this today I knew I heard this before and indeed I have. It was reported 11 months ago but then it was reported that 40% want sharia law introduced into this country so the numbers have actually gone down from 40% to 33%.

Here are some more comparisons:

Last year 20% had sympathies with the "feelings and motives" of the suicide bombers who attacked London last July 7, killing 52 people. This year one in ten of the 16 to 24-year-olds polled “admire” Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda and other terror groups.

I don’t know if all terrorist lovers admire bin laden but it seems to me that the numbers have actually decreased here too unless last year they talked to muslims of all ages and not just 16-24 year olds.

I dislike Islam as much as the next nationalist guy but I feel truth must come first and I think we should be told the whole story. Is it bad that I have a long memory?

Update: According to the Daily Telegraph it is still at 40% so nothing has changed in the passed year.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Each prisoner costs £39,000 per year

Whilst reading this column in the Daily Mirror I found that it costs £750 per week to house a prisoner. That means it costs us £39,000 per year just to house one prisoner. I thought it only cost £18,000 per year. Seeing as we have 80,000 prisoners it means that we are spending over £3 billion on our prisoners and this will become more as we house more prisoners.

This makes me think that paying foreign countries to put our prisoners in their prisons is still a better option than we have now. It would probably cost us less than half and the poor countries would still be making a profit. Everyone wins. They get money and we save atleast £1 billion pounds per year that could be diverted to sectors like healthcare or policing.

Of course we wouldn’t send all our prisoners to foreign countries. There is no point in sending them if they are serving less than 6 months. We would actually have the resources to put those serving less than 6 months into rehabilitation programmes.

Police won't chase criminals incase of lawsuit

A mother said she was outraged after police refused to chase thieves who stole her sons' motorbikes - because the riders were not wearing helmets.

Pauline Nolan, from Greater Manchester, said officers told her they could not pursue the offenders in case they fell off and sued them.

Criminals should have no right to sue anyone never mind the police if they were hurt in the process of committing a crime.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Apparently today is Holocaust Memorial Day. While the holocaust was a terrible episode in human history there are far worse genocides that don’t have their own memorial day.

Instead of a holocaust memorial day we should be having a genocide memorial day to remember all genocides and not just one.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Government unveil boarder police

Our government likes to look like they are acting on what the people want. Today they unveiled their new boarder police with a shiny new uniform and some powers for them.

The government must think we have a short memory though or they must have a short memory because just two months ago it was revealed that more than half of these boarder police won’t be anything more than administrators and won’t actually ever leave their offices. So much for a brand new boarder police.

Vote Labour or no police

It’s not just healthcare, education and the environment that is being destroyed in constituencies that don’t vote Labour. Now those that don’t vote Labour are having their police stations shut down.

If you live in a Conservative or Lib Dem constituency you will be glad to hear that Blair couldn’t give a toss about you. So if you get robbed, murdered or raped because you don’t have a police station anymore you know who to thank.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 2007- Who should be blog of the month?

It’s voting time for the blog of the month. Who do you think should be blog of the month?

Should it be Barnsley Nationalists?

Should it be The Spicy Cauldron who was so offended having me link to him that he blocked my site from linking to him so if you want to go to his site to rate it you will have type into a new browser.

Should it be Deakin is blue or even Cynical Chatter From The Underworld?

Vote on the pole on the side bar. The choice is yours…

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Cynical Chatter From The Underworld.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Respect Zones

When is respect not respect? When it is done by Labour.

Chicken Yoghurt has the story.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Omar Bakri says Muslim police will revolt

According to Omar Bakri Mohammed, moderate British Muslims in the police, Armed Forces and Civil Service will one day revolt against the system to "crush it from within".

Aren’t they already doing that in the police force? I blogged about it last year after it was revealed that Muslim police officers are ten times more corrupt than white officers. Maybe it has already started?

Estonian troops better equipped than ours

Blair loves lying to our troops and making them suffer. First he said troops will get “whatever they need” and then he changed that to “we will listen carefully to any requests that are made of us”.

Apparently Blair isn’t listening carefully enough as he has turned down requests for attack weapons, vital tools, night vision equipment, mine protected vessels and helicopters.

We now have no working mine protected vessels in Afghanistan, a country where there are an estimated 10 million mines. We only had 4 to begin with.

Even Estonian troops who are working alongside the Royal Marines are better equipped than our own troops.

Hat tip: Cynical Chatter From The Underworld

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Power to the people!

A man who was fed up with paying massive bank charges decided to give one of the high street giants a taste of its own medicine.

When Royal Bank of Scotland refused to refund £3,400 charges that Declan Purcell believed he was owed, he sent in the bailiffs.

Stunned customers at his branch of RBS watched as debt collectors seized four computers, two fax machines and a till filled with cash.

The branch manager was told that the items would be sold unless RBS came up with the money owed to Mr Purcell.

Only when the manager gave an undertaking that the debt would be paid did the bailiffs leave.

The move, which will raise a cheer from millions of other bank customers, is part of a consumer fightback against bank charges, which net an estimated £4.5 billion every year.

Every time a current account customer goes overdrawn by as little as £1 most banks will charge around £28, even though the administration cost is only about £4.50.

Then every cheque, direct debit, or card transaction that goes through or is bounced incurs another charge of up to £38.

I hope that means the banks start acting fairer now. If they don’t we can always do what this guy did. I would have loved to see the managers face. I bet he was pissing himself. LOL.


Hat tip: Cynical Chatter From The Underworld

Friday, January 19, 2007

Comparing two asylum stories

Did you hear that 100s of failed asylum seekers have been allowed to reapply after they were turned down after their appeals? They include 80 repeat applications from Afghanistan and 30 from Turkey.

Compare that story with this story about a white man from Zimbabwe whose grandparents were British who has had his application for asylum rejected.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Prisoner sues for failed suicide bid and wins

THE Prison Service was accused of a cover-up yesterday as it maintained a veil of silence over a massive compensation payout to a suicidal inmate.

It has repeatedly refused to give details of the incident that led to a £575,000 out-of-court settlement to a young prisoner at Northallerton Young Offenders' Institution.

The Northern Echo exclusively reported how the payout was made after the unknown prisoner, aged between 18 and 21, attempted to take his own life and was saved by prison officers. It is believed that his claim centred on an alleged breach of human rights.

Next time this happens we should let the person die. We should not be paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for saving someone’s life. It is utterly ridiculous. We should give him the death penalty if he wants to die that much.

This type of heroism should be rewarded

Royal Marines have carried out one of the most daring rescue missions ever staged to retrieve the body of a fallen comrade in

It followed a ferocious battle in which 200 British troops backed by artillery, helicopters and aircraft raided a fort believed to be a major headquarters for Taliban militants.

Officials say that as the troops advanced they were engaged from several insurgent positions.

On retreat they discovered one Marine was missing and four men volunteered to go on a daring rescue mission.

Apache attack helicopters were used to mount the raid.

They have no room for passengers inside, so incredibly the Marines clung to the hand and footholds the crew use to climb in and out of the aircraft.

They then flew into the battle zone to locate Lance corporal Mathew Ford, the pilots also leaving the helicopters to give covering fire.

L Cpl Ford had died in the original attack but his body was recovered.


Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Deakin is blue.

Education reform

There has been a lot on the news recently about how the school leaving age might go up to 18. I have decided that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because this could actually improve the education we do at present if done right.

What I think is that school should be a three day week and the nations children should be split into two groups. One group goes to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the other group goes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is similar to what happens at state nurseries as there are two groups, one which goes on the morning and the other goes on the afternoon.

Seeing as they would have less schooling you can then put the leaving age up to 18 to make up for it and have less holidays.

This would mean that class sizes would be halved. I had 24 in my class at secondary school it would have been good and better for my education if there were only 12 as the teacher could focus on the individuals more.

There is a downside to this though (like all my ideas it would seem) as parents who are working would have nobody to look after their children and may have to pay a child minder. Maybe the state could then offer child minding services during the week up until the age of 12?

Anyone like or dislike this idea?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Truancy highest since 1994

Truancy rates in
England's secondary schools rose by more than 10% last year, according to government figures.

Despite £900m spent on anti-truancy initiatives, the annual figures show the highest truancy rates since 1994.

If truancy rates are this high why on earth would you want to go and make people stay on at school until they are 18?

I have a way to reduce truancy and it will actually cost less money than it does now. Why not make child benefit linked to school attendance? If you miss one day a week of school then you get 20% of your child benefit stopped for that week. Having this would actually get parents to make sure their children go to school because they would lose money if they didn’t. Also if they are unemployed they have no reason to not get their children to school so dock their unemployment benefit too.

Hat tip: Ellee Seymour

MI6: The government is lying

Britain's secret intelligence service, MI6, has challenged the government's claim that a major corruption inquiry into Saudi Arabian arms deals was threatening national security.

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, told parliament before Christmas that the intelligence agencies "agreed with the assessment" of Tony Blair that national security was in jeopardy because the Saudis intended to pull out of intelligence cooperation with Britain. But John Scarlett, the head of MI6, has now refused to sign up to a government dossier which says MI6 endorses this view.

Whitehall sources have told the Guardian that the statement to the Lords was incorrect. MI6 and MI5 possessed no intelligence that the Saudis intended to sever security links. The intelligence agencies had been merely asked whether it would be damaging to UK national security if such a breach did happen. They replied that naturally it would.

The issue has now come to a head because ministers are under pressure at an international meeting today to justify why they terminated an important corruption investigation into the arms company BAE Systems.

Does Blair ever tell the truth? I am glad someone from the intelligence service is standing up and telling the country that they won’t be made a scapegoat like they were for Iraq.

Blair couldn’t really do much about the deal. The Saudis had us by the gonads and they would have won either way. I would have rather went with going with justice and prosecuting those that needed to be prosecuted but that would have meant losing a big deal.

Vote Labour or else

Remember in September of last year when it was revealed that Labour are giving better healthcare funding to constituencies that vote for them?

Well now it has emerged that they also get better education and environmental funding so Blair is basically saying vote for us or you can die and remain an uneducated worker with no chance of making it out of minimum wage.

It is disgraceful that none labour constituencies are being cheated out of billions of pounds just because they won’t vote for Labour and his band of merry criminals.

Prison service refuse to answer my FOI request

How long does it take the prison service to answer a freedom of information enquiry? Indefinately it would seem. I asked the following question in early November:

"Can I have the following information for Holmehouse Prison?: How much is spent on digital TV (Sky, Freeview, NTL etc), and games consoles (Xbox, Playstation and games etc) between January 2002- October 2006."

Holmehouse Prison is the closest prison to where I live. I asked the prison service for all the prisons in the country but they gave me a reply saying something about it costing too much money to find out so I narrowed it down to one prison. In November they said that it was going to take a little longer than expected and I would have to wait until mid December. In Mid December they said it was still causing problems and I would have to wait until 18th January which is today. Today they email me and said:

I had anticipated being in a position to reply to your request today, but unfortunately this has not been possible, as I am waiting to receive advice from our legal advisors. As stated previously, we are considering the application of the exemption contained section 43 of the Act, relating to information which may prejudice the commercial interests of the National Offender Management Service.

I have therefore extended the deadline to 1 February.

In real world speak they are saying that telling me this information could show them in a bad light so they are going to wait as long as they can without telling me and hope I will forget about it. I will not forget about it and if I don’t get the information by the 1st February I am going to complain to the Information Commissioner and get him to sort it out. Infact I have emailed them and told them that.

How bad could it be inside our prisons if they are unwilling to tell us information about the amount of games consoles and satellite inside our prisons?

Happy Act of Union

Happy Act of Union to all patriotic Brits and I hope we have 300 more years to celebrate the wonder that is Britain.

Today is 15th January 2007. 300 years ago today the United Kingdom was formed with the Act of Union.

Our country should be celebrating this day but our government sadly doesn’t deem it important enough hold a national celebration but instead will merely launch a commemorative £2 coin.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Labour can't handle crime

Nearly half of all the criminals who are caught escape proper punishment in the courts, an authoritative report has revealed.

It showed that more than 600,000 offenders last year were dealt with without even being brought before a court. They escaped with cautions, official warnings or on-the-spot fines.

Yeah I know this is ridiculous but let’s look at the real issue about this. This is talking about last year which means 600,000 offenders were dealt with without going to court. Seems bad doesn’t it. But it gets worse. I blogged about this last year but when I blogged about it then those figures were from 2005 which showed that in 2005 the amount receiving non-court punishments was 300,000. This means that offenders that are not dealt with by the courts have doubled. Will this year be 900,000 or 1.2 million?

I hope I am wrong about this.

Blairs Britain: The Future

We all know that Blair likes taking our freedoms away and snooping on us but have any of us ever considered what our lives will turn out like if this continues? Well PJC Journal has. You can read it here.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Given that the poll has ended in a dead heat the administrators of Blogpower have come up with a solution which can be read here.

EU can't account for 93% of budget

Just seven per cent of the European
Union's budget has been spent legally and correctly, auditors have found.

After the most recent examination of accounts, the auditors have concluded that administration, which accounts for only seven per cent of the overall budget, was the sole area of spending for which good "supervisory and control systems" were in place, with few errors found.

Why can’t we leave this monstrosity? We spend billions on this pile of crap and they can only account for 7% of it. Well I for one want 93% of the money back if they can’t account for it. I’ll take a cheque or you can give it to me in cash, whichever is easier for them…

Hat Tip: An Englishman’s Castle

Blair to punish the innocent

TONY BLAIR is to mount a final assault on
Britain’s thug culture by introducing restrictions that will curb potential yobs’ movements even before they have committed an offence.

After attempting to tackle antisocial behaviour, he is proposing to introduce a “violent offender order” (Voo) targeted at those whom police believe are likely to commit violence.

These new “super-Asbos” will be aimed not only at people who have a history of violent behaviour or who have just left prison but also those who may not yet have committed an offence.

According to a Home Office document outlining the plan, to be published next month, the measures will ban potential trouble-makers from certain areas or mixing with certain people, alert police when they move house and possibly force them to live in a named hostel, give details of vehicles they own and impose a curfew on them.

The orders will last for at least two years, with no upper limit. Any breach could lead to up to five years in jail. Ministers believe police will apply for 300 to 450 Voos each year.

The paper identifies a series of “risk factors” that could lead to a person being targeted for the new order. These include a person’s formative years and upbringing, “cognitive deficiencies”, “entrenched pro-criminal or antisocial attitudes,” “a history of substance abuse or mental health issues”.

Factors could also include a person’s domestic situation or relationship with their partner or family, as well as more obvious signs such as “possession of paraphernalia related to violent offending (eg, balaclava, baseball bat), or extremist material”.

I agree with giving this super ASBO to those who have actually been in prison but what right do they have to punish people that have never even committed a crime? I don’t care if the police suspect that they may by violent in the future the police or anyone else have no right locking people up who have done nothing wrong.

What will this extremist material be that may get you locked up? Could it be the VOF newspaper? Could it be BNP leaflets? I don’t see why having extremist material should make you a criminal.

If Blair wants crime to decrease he should give tougher punishments to those who actually commit crime instead of innocent people.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blogpower poll ends in dead heat

The Blogpower poll has ended and they are effectively back where they started as the poll was a dead heat with 10 voting for me to leave and 10 voting for me to stay. I have to say I didn’t think a dead heat would happen but it did.

Now those that lead Blogpower have to think up a new solution which they will post tomorrow at 6pm. Here is the screenshot about 40 mins before the poll ended:

Meanwhile Spicy Cauldron who was made blog of the week earlier this week was so offended by being blog of the week that he has apparently flagged my blog because it is offensive and racist. I don’t publish racist material so I don’t know where he got that from but if my blog suddenly goes offline you know why.

Spicy Cauldron is more upset about me blog of the week than I ever thought he would be because he has IP banned me from his site. I didn’t know the honour of being blog of the week was so offensive. Oh well.

Friday, January 12, 2007

White children discriminated against

White working-class boys are
under-performing badly but they do not get the grants immigrant groups receive.

White boys from poor backgrounds are falling further behind their black and Asian classmates in exams, official figures have revealed.

The breakdown of the 2006 GCSE results has fuelled concerns, already voiced by the Conservative party and by teachers’ unions, that a lack of financial support for these pupils could boost racist groups such as the British National Party.

John Bangs, National Union of Teachers’ head of education, described the lack of help as “a gift to the BNP”. There were specific grants for ethnic-minority pupils, which would rise to £178 million next financial year, but no equivalent for the poorest white pupils.

Isn’t that nice? They are finally caring that whites are being discriminated against. Well they don’t care really do they? They only care that the BNP might gain from it. They don’t care that white boys are being discriminated against in the education system.

Why shouldn’t we be giving grants to white groups to spend on white education if we are giving grants to none-white groups to spend on education of none whites?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blogpower voting on me!

Blogpower is running a poll on my blog on whether it should stay or not. Interestingly one of the options is ‘Disband’. I don’t think they would ever disband but it would be weird if one BNP blog brought down the whole of the blogging alliance.

Is it ok to call my blog ‘controversial’ now?

It seems that the status quo lot are winning by only one vote at the moment. It’s sad that so many blogpowerers aren’t inclusive even though one of the reasons they hate the BNP is probably because we aren’t inclusive enough. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blog of the week

This week I am doing something different for blog of the week. This week’s blog is getting an honorary mention. The honorary blog of the month is The Spicy Cauldron. He used to be a Blogpower member but quit because of me.

On his blog he says “It is offensive to many people, not least of all myself, to be linked to him and to be linked from him”.

So being linked by me full time should leave him in perpetual offendedness. Another win I see…

If I like what he says on his blog or feel the need to comment I might just do so however I will not be harassing him because that is just wrong. I hope he enjoys this great honour…

Police answer my FOI Request

In late November after posting this blog post I sent off a freedom of information request to my local police authority asking about all the forms that need to be filled in for an arrest. I finally got my answer today:

Dear Mr Blacklan,

I write in connection with your request for information dated 30 November 2006 concerning the forms completed by police officers on arresting a suspect.

I have listed below the forms required to be submitted for a full case file. It must be borne in mind that there may be numerous witnesses and in some cases multiple defendants so the forms are repeated. It is also of importance that you are aware that there are other forms to complete in certain circumstances.

In domestic violence situations there is a specific form to be completed, as with Child Protection issues. There is a search of premises form and also a use of force form if the officer has had to use force to effect an arrest.

Stolen property records have to be completed as do exhibit labels and forensic evidence forms if exhibits are required to be examined.

Initial Witness Assessment

Report to Crown Prosecutor for Charging Decision - Decision Log & Action Plan

Further Report to Crown Prosecutor for Charging Decision

Custody System Form Charges

Custody System Form Charges

Custody System Form Conditional Bail Grant/Variation

Custody System Form Request to Vary Conditional Bail

Custody System Form Surety/Security

Case Summary

Confidential Information

Police Officers' Discipline Record

Unused Material - Disclosure Schedule

Sensitive Material Schedule - not to be Disclosed

Police Schedule of Special Measures

Disclosure Officers Report

Initial Remand Application

Breach of Bail

Witness List

Custody System Form - Witness Non-Availability

Witness Statement Continuation Sheet

Witness Statement CCTV

Witness Statement - Comms

Witness Statement One Interviewer

Witness Statement Two Interviewers

Witness Statement Additional Interviewer

Witness Statement - Road Policing Unit

Witness Statement Telecomms

Exhibit List

Application for Order on Conviction

Record of Taped Interview

Evidence of Bad Character - Defendant

Other Offences (Taken Into Consideration)

Further Evidence/Information

Interpreter Information

Submission of Work for Scientific Examination

I think you will agree that is a lot of forms and it will be even more if there is more than one person arrested. No wonder our police are spending hours and hours doing paperwork.

This just conforms that we should be hiring more administrators in the police force. Police should not be doing administration

Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogpower becoming hysterical?

It seems like the members of Blogpower are getting a little hysterical about having someone from the BNP on their blogroll so much so infact that they think BNP members are swamping their blogging alliance even though I am the only BNP member on the Blogpower blogroll. I could be wrong but the only members that even come close to being BNP are Pub Philosopher and Out from under. Both of these have said that they won’t vote for the BNP. I don’t know about Pub Philosopher but Out From under won’t support the BNP for a few reasons including we support the death penalty.

The news about the hysterical nature of Blowpower has went around the blogosphere and reached famous bloggers such as Devils Kitchenwho thinks we are snooty.

If one BNP member means that the blogging alliance is being swamped what does it mean when there is a load of none BNP members? Am I being swamped by none BNP members?

Should it matter how many BNP members join if those that join act civilised and are prepared to debate their points? I wonder how they will act if more BNP members joined? It really doesn’t bare thinking about… they might have heart attacks from all the truth they read.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nick Griffin answers UKIP's questions

I just received this in my email:

Subject: David Noakes of UKIP asks questions about the BNP & Nick Griffin answers

This exchange brokered via a go between makes for interesting reading. Well worth a few moments of your time.

For by reading this you might begin to realise that what the media and Westminster politicians have been telling you is far from being the truth.

David Noakes wrote:

If the BNP would:

1. Denounce the Nazi's, the EU, and the Soviet Union as one and
the same threat,
2. Assure us that the legacy controlled by
John Tyndall and left by Lady Birchwood, who was a Nazi and
therefore pro-EU, has been spent or is too small to have
3. Confirm that no party funding comes from the EU,
Nazi sympathisers or other dubious organisations,
4. Show that the controlling party posts have been filled by fair elections
of the membership,
5. Confirm that the BNP stands for true
democracy, the English and British people, with particular
concern for the poor and disadvantaged,

Then I would view the BNP as electable.

David Noakes.
To which the Chairman of the BNP responded:

1) We have often denounced Nazism, Communism and the EU, though
never, I admit, in the same breath. But Mr. Noakes should ponder
on the fact that our own pronouncements don't necessarily count
for much, since even if we did as he recommends (and we may well)
the media and our opponents would ensure that our stance received
no publicity;

2) I think this is actually a reference to Lady Jane Birdwood, who
never left any money to Tyndall, and was anti-EU for all that she
was rabidly anti-semitic. The only relatively big money Tyndall
had was from a
supporter in the north east of
England, and not one penny ever
came to the BNP from the moment he lost the leadership election.
By dying intestate
Tyndall deliberately left it to his family. So there never was any
'Nazi gold' to influence the BNP, and most certainly not since I
ook over in 1999;

3) We have never received, do not receive and would not accept
funding from the EU - except for whatever would be due to MEPs
post-2009 (a large proportion of which will be channelled to party

4) I was elected leader by a large majority of the party
membership voting in a free, fair, secret ballot of all paid up
members, in which nearly 90% of them participated. It only takes a
member of five years or more to declare his or her candidacy, and
for that person to be supported by five
other paid up members, to trigger an automatic leadership
election. So despite the fact that all other positions are filled
by nominated by the elected leader, I would submit that our system
is more genuine
democratic and open than that of any other party. We are,
furthermore, in the process of passing policy-making and
endorsement over to a system where such things would be decided by
conference vote by Voting Members (a status automatically open to
all ordinary members on display of simple
and unbiased evidence of genuine commitment);

5. Confirmed - see our manifesto and statement of principles. I am
pleased to see Mr. Noakes' concern for the poor and disadvantaged,
because the common image of UKIPers tends to be somewhat
reactionary and pro-globalist,
and hence implicitly in favour of the exploitation or at best
neglect of this section of our nation.

As for electability, we have far more elected first-past-the-post
councillors than UKIP, so are clearly already electable. And even
UKIP's MEPs are there in part because the 'threat' of a BNP
breakthrough pushed Labour, Tory and BBC spin-masters into 'talking up' UKIP in order
to act as an unwitting safety valve

Immigrants getting kidneys that Brits need

HEALTH tourists are receiving free National Health Service kidney treatment worth about £30,000 a year, and potentially competing with British patients for scarce transplants, according to new data.

The information, released under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that one hospital is spending up to £1m a year on dialysis for nearly 40 non-British residents; another has placed two asylum seekers on its waiting list for transplants and a third has recovered only 2% of its costs from overseas patients.

Doctors and patient groups say the NHS is struggling to provide kidney dialysis for British patients and is ill-equipped to cope with the extra demand.

If none Brits are going to receive treatment then they should pay for the full treatment up front as well as a ‘compensation wage’ to the Brit that is next in line to receive an organ.

The national shortage of kidneys could easily be rectified. I know some with think this is a disgusting idea. You only need 1 kidney to live. Why can’t you sell your kidney for whatever you want for it? We would get far more donors than we do now if people could get money for giving their organs up.

If you are dying and you have the money why shouldn’t you be able to purchase a kidney from someone who is perfectly healthy and has two kidneys? Who is being harmed in this transaction?

Many paedophiles on brink of re-offending

Read this disturbing report on sex offenders that have a high risk of re-offending.

It states that those that many that have been released from prison are still a high risk of re-offending and what is worse is they are only monitored maybe twice a year, every 6 months and they don’t have to allow the police into their homes because it might damage their human rights.

First of all sex offenders should be locked up indefinitely. What they are sentenced to should be the absolute minimum that they serve. If they are judged that they are likely to re-offend then they should be kept for longer until it is judged that they won’t re-offend. Paedophiles are mentally ill people, while in prison they should be held in the areas where the mentally ill are held and given daily counselling. If they have raped multiple people they should be given the death penalty.

If they are ever released they should be tracked every minute of every day. The people who live within 5 miles of them should be informed that there is a sex offender in the area. Details of all paedophiles will be shown on a central website including their name, picture, the town where they live and their crime. This would be so that people will know who to keep their children away from.

Instead of having only yearly visits they should have atleast 3 visits per week and they should be prohibited from doing certain things. If they re-offend again they should be sentenced to death.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Britain's most prolific burglar escapes from open prison

A MAN branded
Britain's most prolific burglar has gone on the run after walking out of an open prison.

Serial raider Mark Wrest, 43, is thought to have carried out tens of thousands of burglaries during a lifetime of crime.

He was jailed in July 2005 after being caught red-handed with bags of stolen property from a record number of raids on homes in Cambridge.

At the time of his sentence it was said that Cambridge residents could now breathe easy after he was locked up.

But now Wrest has walked out of Hollesley Bay open prison on the Suffolk coast.

Surely this guy should never have been in an open prison but instead been in a more secure prison? Only very minor criminals should ever be placed in open prisons.

This is why we need prisons and courts that actually punish criminals instead of placing them in prison where even a granny with a Zimmer frame can escape from.

High risk sex offender released

CONCERN has been raised over the early release of a high-risk sex offender from the Borders.

Alexander Maben was freed after serving two-thirds of a seven-year sentence.

The 43-year-old was part of a three-man gang who abused a vulnerable young woman in Newtown St Boswells.

The trio were convicted in 2002.

Maben has been assessed as being a very high reoffending risk and a medium risk of violent reoffending.

His unwillingness to take part in a rehabilitation programme extended his prison term.

How can it only be extended? He took part in a sexual assault and has refused to be rehabilitated. Why wasn’t he made to stay in prison for his full sentence?

No wonder crime is out of control when we are letting people like this guy off when they should be in prison.

One law for us...

Two criminals caught on CCTV cameras vandalising cars in a city street have not been taken to court to face prosecution - because police said they were "unemployed foreign nationals" and it would cost too much to bring them to justice.

One victim received a letter from an officer at Norfolk Police explaining that the pair would not be prosecuted because they were "both unemployed foreign nationals with no income and it was not in the public interest to pursue due to the expenses incurred in having a trial".

At least five cars were damaged during the vandalism spree in Magdalen Street, Norwich, last November.

Two men aged 19 and 29 were arrested on suspicion of damaging a number of cars, but a police spokeswoman said that after "careful consideration of all the evidence" they were handed an official police caution.

These people should not only have been charged they should have been deported after their prison sentence had been finished. I see no reason to continue to allow these people into this country. If they were British you can bet they would have been sent to prison.

Army families left homeless

Hundreds of former soldiers and their families are being deprived of homes because they are regarded as having no connection with the place where they lived while in the army, it was claimed yesterday. They are suffering at the hands of local authorities and housing associations as a result of their itinerant life, moving from base to base.

It is one of a series of issues being raised at a time when the armed forces and the defence budget are coming under strain. They include the poor state of armed forces accommodation and the difficulties servicemen and women experience getting mortgages, life assurance, and loans. Authorities are under no obligation to assist service personnel and their families. They are excluded from the 2002 Homelessness Act.

If they have no connection to the place what about asylum seekers and immigrants who have even less connection? Why are they given priority over those that have fought for this country? Why are they treated like second class citizens and why doesn’t the law apply to them?

Nick Cowan, 40, a colour sergeant formerly of the 1st battalion, The Royal Green Jackets, has been trying to raise awareness for years. He has written to the Queen, the regiment's colonel in chief, and petitioned Downing Street. He has been in the army for 22 years and has a wife, two sons, and a daughter. He seriously injured his back in an exercise in Brecon in 2002 and is due to be medically discharged in March.

He is having serious problems finding a home, with little or no prospect of getting a mortgage. If he and his family stay in their MoD home after he is discharged, he faces the prospect of being declared an illegal occupier.

He says there are 450 service families in a similar position. "This issue has been going on since the early 80s. Surely now is the time to stop this discrimination. I find it hard to believe our top-ranking officers are allowing this to go on uncorrected. If it was only 20 families, it would be too many, but 450 are waiting for some scraps to fall from the bureaucratic table. We are being let down by government and this [Homelessness Act] legislation."

Why is it happening to so many of our soldiers? It is an absolute disgrace. At the very least the ministry of defence should be buying up a few council houses within a few miles of the bases and renting them out to ex soldiers. Councils should also be doing more to prioritise housing for ex servicemen.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

In support of freedom

Out From Under has taken a stand against the Witanagemot Club. He has taken a stand for me.

The reason he took a stand for me is because Witanagemot Club refused my ‘application’ to join because I am a supporter of the BNP even though I support their aim of an English Parliament.

This stand meant that he has left the Witanagemot Club and as a result he will probably have less people visiting his blog.

I ask you all, in support of freedom to add Out From Under to your blogroll if you don’t already have them.

Government figures underestimating immigration

More than three quarters of a million immigrants came to Britain in 2005 — far more than official figures admit, according to a report published yesterday.

The numbers helped to send net migration soaring by an estimated 400,000 rather than the government figure of 185,000.

The report by the City forecaster Capital Economics also suggests that 50,000 workers from Romania and Bulgaria will head to Britain this year.

Although the Government has placed restrictions on low-skilled Bulgarians and Romanians coming to work here, they can still come as visitors. “It is quite likely that many will stay and work in the black economy,” the report said.

The report also said that the arrival of more than 600,000 migrants from eight former Soviet bloc states since 2004 would continue to encourage others to travel to seek work. In the short term this would lead to the workforce growing more rapidly than employment over the next two years, with a consequent rise in unemployment.

The Capital Economics report said that it was unwise to rely on official figures which suggested net migration had peaked and had fallen from 223,000 in 2004 to 185,000 in 2005. The International Passenger Survey, on which official figures are based, was unreliable as it only counts people saying they intend to stay for more than a year, it said. When workers from the eight former Soviet bloc states were included in figures, the overall level of immigration rose to 780,000 in 2005 compared with a government figure of 524,000.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blog of the week

The blog of the week this week is Barnsley Nationalists.

Only 1% of crimes lead to conviction

Just one crime in every hundred now leads to the offender being caught, charged and punished by the courts, latest statistics reveal.

The Home Office's own figures showed crime on the rise last year and more criminals being caught by police, yet the numbers being sent before the court dropped sharply by eight per cent year-on-year.

Opposition critics blamed the dramatic rise in the use of "summary justice" - instant fines or cautions and warnings handed out by the police - and accused the Government of creating an "arbitrary" justice system, letting off hundreds of thousands of criminals with punishments no tougher than a parking ticket.

In the year to June 2006 the British Crime Survey measured 11,016,000 offences against adults living in households in England and Wales - up from 10,912,000 in 2005.

However an analysis by independent statisticians - accepted by the Home Office - shows that the British Crime Survey counts only a third of all crimes as it ignores all offences against businesses including shoplifting, "victimless" crimes such as drug possession and any offences committed against under-16s.

Ministers are encouraging greater use of these rapid punishments even for relatively serious crimes such as shoplifting, to avoid clogging up the courts and to ease the prison overcrowding crisis.

Does anyone know when we will actually start punishing criminals? All crimes should be dealt with in court. It doesn’t matter how minor they are. Yes it would cost a lot of money to do this but every sentence should also accompany two fines. One, straight after the trial which covers the costs of the investigation and one after their prison sentence which covers the full cost of their stay in the prison.

Trials cost a lot of money. Judges get paid £120,000 per year but Magistrates (which have no legal experience) don’t get paid anything except for expenses and deal with minor crimes. If I was to change anything I would make a third type of judge. This judge would have legal experience but not as much as a normal judge. Basically they would have the equivalent knowledge of a legal executive. This new judge would be paid around £25,000 per year and deal with moderately serious crimes which would leave the main judges to deal with the serious crimes. It wouldn’t take long. Judges only get 1 weeks training anyway.

If you have ever been to a trial which I have (college trip) you would be able to see that judges are pretty useless because they basically only sum up the trial and sentence the criminal and an administrator could easily do that, infact anyone could do it. This might be different in trials for serious crimes. I don’t know because I only got to see the trial of a wife beater (guilty), robber (innocent) and a drink driver (guilty). I chickened out just as I was about to go and see a trial of a man accused of raping his 10 year old son.

Having a ‘middle judge’ would substantially cut the bill of the courts and there would be more judges found which would speed up the process. Judges don’t become judges for the money. They do it because they look good in front of their peers. Why else would you take a pay cut of more than 50% to be a judge? Yes that right. Barristers can easily earn £250,000 per year while judges are paid £120,000 per year.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Calls for BNP ballerina to be sacked

Remember the BNP ballerina, Simone Clarke? Since she was outed as a member of the BNP there have been calls to sack her.

Lee Jasper, equalities director for the mayor of London and chairman of the National Assembly Against Racism, said: "The ENB must seriously consider whether having such a vociferous member of an avowedly racist party in such a prominent role is compatible with the ethics of its organisation. I seriously doubt that it is and that should lead to her position being immediately reviewed. I think she should be sacked." He called on funders and David Lammy, the arts mnister, to intervene.

Lee, you are aware that she wasn’t vociferous until she was outed as a BNP member? Has she been in any BNP party election broadcasts? Has she been giving BNP leaflets out at the place where she works? Has she been giving any leaflets out? What makes her so vociferous other than responding to the media about her private and personal opinions?

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said people had a right to their private political views but added: "This will taint the ENB in the eyes of many minority communities. Questions need to be asked about how someone in that position can be allowed to abuse that position to promote the BNP."

When was she promoting the BNP through her position? Was she dancing with a BNP rosette on? At the end of the show did she bow and say ‘thanks for coming. Now vote BNP’? Of course not. She was never using her position to promote the BNP.

Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham in east London, where the BNP forms the official opposition on the council, said: "We need to know how these statements square with the more laudable positions taken by the ENB and other leading arts organisations. What she completely ignores is the underbelly of the BNP in terms of the violence, the physical attacks and the criminality of many of its supporters."

The BNP should stop supporters? Don’t you think that’s a bit hard? Anyone can be a supporter. Infact there were 800,000 at the last European election whereas the BNP have about 15,000 members or over 24,000 if my membership number is the number of ACTIVE members. The Lib Dems get millions of votes. How many of them are criminals?

Hat tip: The Last Ditch.

Navy to be mothballed

HALF of the Royal Navy is to be “mothballed” as it bears the brunt of cuts imposed after a series of expensive procurement projects and the hidden costs of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Six destroyers and frigates and two other vessels are expected to be put into reduced readiness, known as mothballing, to achieve urgent savings of more than £250m. It can take up to 18 months to bring mothballed ships back into service.

The armed forces have been told to save more than £250m this year, and £1 billion by April 2008, amid a “rebalancing” of the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) spending plans, defence sources disclosed.

The MoD will also cancel the last two of the eight Type-45 destroyers the navy was supposed to get. The navy was promised the government would provide these in exchange for cutting 15 major ships in 2004, sources said.

What is Blair doing? He is literally destroying our armed forces. First it was the army and now it is the Navy. He is leaving us defenceless.

At present we have less than half of the navy that we had during the Falklands and now another half is to be mothballed so we have infact got less than a quarter of what we had during the Falklands.

Happy new year!

Happy New year to all my readers and
Bulgaria and Romania who have just entered the EU .

Now please stay home. We don’t want you over here.