Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One last chance?

A shoplifter known as the meat thief' has walked free from court after stabbing a supermarket worker with a needle.

Adrian Bryan shouted I have Aids' as he brandished the weapon in a struggle with Tesco worker Alan Iles after he was caught stealing chicken.

But a judge at Swindon crown court said he was giving the 31-year-old a last chance' when he imposed a suspended sentence.

Instead of going to jail Bryan will have to do 15 hours a week of drug work and undergo regular testing to ensure he is off drugs.

The court heard he has 94 previous convictions which include 63 matters for dishonesty and four offences against the person.

Passing sentence Judge Douglas Field said "You have an appalling record and it is all down to your drug problem.

"You're 31 and unless you address that now the rest of your life you are going to be in and out of prison.

"Although I would be completely justified in sending you to prison concerning these matters I have decided you should be given one last chance.

One last chance? He has already had 94. His last chance should have been atleast 90 crimes ago. I wonder how many chances I would get if I began a life of crime.

Crime isn’t supposed to pay but if you can just get a slap on the wrist for more than 90 crimes crime obviously does pay.

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Helena said...

I'll tell you another nearly as good. While shopping in a huge Tesco in a housing scheme slap bang in the middle of an enriched ethnic area I got chatting to the security guard (he was helping me remove my small son from the child seat)
An African couple walked past us with a laden trolley, the guard excused himself approached them and returned with the trolley. The couple very angry and sneering walked off.
The guard sighed and told me that was the second time today he had caught them.
The Tesco policy now is just to take the stolen goods back, as advised by the Police. Apparently the asylum sekers give false names and addresses have dodgy papers and dont turn up at court for shoplifting anyway. Its simpler and cheaper just to take the trolley back (if he catches them)
Now if that was a white pensioner and a packet of cheese they'd be done for it big time. And that's why Tesco is getting more expensive.
Welcome to the nuthouse that is Britain thanks to the luvvies and the Left.