Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Freedom of Information delay

This blog post is once again about the freedom of information request that was supposed to be answered. Last month they said this:

We will not be able to provide a full response within the stipulated period. Your request is being dealt with as a matter of urgency and now aim to respond by 2nd March 2007.

My request was:

‘How much is spent on digital TV (Sky, Freeview, NTL etc), and games consoles (Xbox, Playstation and games etc) between January 2002- October 2006 in Holmehouse Prison’

I got a response today and they said:

Whilst we continue to make progress in considering your request and the exemption contained within s43 if the act I will be unable to provide a response by today as previously stated. I now aim to respond by 03.04.07.

I apologise for this continued delay and thank you for your patience in this matter.

I now have to wait another month and a day even though I have been waiting since November for an answer and if I wait until April I will have been waiting for 5 months. Who thinks they are just fobbing me off until the new Freedom of Information law comes into force?


alanorei said...

They are.

Because the amount is no doubt scandalously high, compared to, say, pensions paid to surviving WW2 veterans.

Peter Hitchens's book A Brief History of Crime shows that prisons are anything but the kind of punitive establishments that they should be.

I recall reading that when the 10 year-old fiends Thompson and Venables who tortured and murdered 2 year-old Jamie Bulger in 1993 were on remand, they were allowed to play computer games.

They were released in 2001 and given new identities.

They should have been kept behind bars until they died, like female fiend the late Myra Hindley.

Barnsley Nationalist said...

and I thought that I was a cynical git, I need to borrow this article later (sure you wont mind) infact it might be a good idea to bat it around the blogs, as I'm sure we all have our own uneque readers as well as other bloggers.

youdontknowme said...

I don't mind