Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 2007 roundup

At the start of the month the EU decided that anyone questioning their version of history will be sent to prison. We all loved the EU after that especially when we found that 20% of new homebuyers were Polish which is pushing house prices up.

Bulgarialikes the EU though. They celebrated joining it by pardoning 1,500 criminals and scrapping 80,000 pending trials. Maybe those were the Bulgarians which came over here and started pick pocketing?

If only we could have a referendum but the EU doesn’t like referendums. Just as well for the EU seeing as they are trying to do away with countries and their pesky foreign policies

The immigration crisis got worse than it was before when it was revealed that Immigration Detention Centres are so full that they can’t round up anymore immigrants and send them home. We should just send all the immigrants home if they are a burden on us. Poland does it so why not us?

Britain was found to be the most burgled country in Europe. This is bad especially seeing as how all our prisons are full and the European Union will soon be making it illegal to pick flowers. We thought we could count on new prison places but we can’t sadly

Seeing as the justice system wasn’t doing a good enough job the BNP started their own patrols and were criticised for it. The patrols were a good thing seeing as how the police are overburdened with paperwork and it doesn’t matter anyway because some criminals get to go free even though they have committed a crime.

An illegal immigrants escaped justice and got to keep £13,000 of what he defrauded the government. The illegal immigrant wasn’t even deported but maybe the government didn’t know where he was? They don’t seem to have a clue how many legal immigrants are here.

The government showed their contempt for people when they decided to ignore more than 1 million petitioners and go ahead with road pricing anyway. They couldn’t do much anyway seeing as it was an EU directive. Teenagers could see that Blair couldn’t care less about the country and decided that they won’t be voting for Blair. Blair doesn’t care. He is planning to evict 3 million who don’t vote for him.

The government tried to get the nation dependent on them so that they would vote for them and they are succeeding with already one third of the nation dependent on them. Labour was probably trying to create a ‘Can’t be arsed to work’ attitude and it looks like in some parts of the country they were successful.

In some areas they are so desperate to cling on to power that they are gerrymandering so they have people that will actually vote for them.

As the government destroyed the military the head of the navy appealed for funds as they needed billions more. You would think the government would have enough money from getting £45 billion from drivers. Maybe we have to wait for them to tax peace and quiet before the navy get the money? Maybe they will do it by getting the coastguard to fine sailors for smoking on their own boats?

Muslims were out again making demands on schools to do things their way even if that school wasn’t Islamic.

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Just another month in Britanistan.

Roll on the Civil War!