Monday, February 05, 2007

Babies to be vaccinated against drugs

Babies could be vaccinated with brain-altering chemicals to stop them getting hooked on drugs and cigarettes in later life.

Newborns would have jabs which could prevent addiction to cocaine, heroin or tobacco, under secret Downing Street plans.

Details of the extraordinary proposal to stop the annual £20 billion cost of drug misuse are in a leaked No 10 policy document.

It says: "A young person could be immunised and the drugs would never reach or affect the brain. Drug-related crimes could be reduced if vaccines can be successfully developed to reduce the craving."

This sounds like a good idea at first. A lot of crime is caused by drugs but if they are immunised so the drugs would never even affect the brain what would happen with morphine? Would people be in constant agony if they become immune to the effects of morphine?

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billy said...

"A lot of crime is caused by drugs "

If the drugs were legal there wouldn't be a crime to go with them. Serious addicts eventually die - as do alcholics and tobacco users - and cease to be any kind of problem. Allow them access to their poison, tax it and allow them to get on with it.