Monday, February 19, 2007

Labour to evict 3 million council tenants

THREE million council house tenants face losing the right to stay in their homes for life.

A Government report out tomorrow is expected to say the current system of social housing is out of date.

And it looks likely to pave the way for major reforms including time limits on how long someone can remain in their council home.

More will be done, including offering cash bonuses, to move people out so that those in dire need can get a home.

A Government source said that in some estates there was "concentrated deprivation". He added: "We need to see how social housing can help us create genuinely mixed communities - places where people from different backgrounds and at different life stages live together."

This is not about solving deprivation. It’s about creating mixed communities. In other words moving the failed multicultural experiment to it’s next level where people have no choice but to live in communities that they don’t want to live in and interact with people they don’t want to interact with.

What’s the betting that this will be used to split up communities that vote BNP?

I wonder who these people who are in dire need are? Probably asylum seekers (who are apparently in dire need). If they are asylum seekers people are going to be forcibly removed from homes where they may have lived all their lives and replaced with an asylum seeker. Where will the people removed go? Why can’t the people in dire need go there?

This is an evil plan concocted by an evil government who should be lined up against a wall…


Anonymous said...

They are doing with us exactly what they did with colonisation of other peoples lands before.
Only now in reverse.

Stan said...

Social engineering at it's worst which will store op problems for future generations.

Barnsley Nationalist said...

Maybe they have resigned to the fact that the present experiment is failing fast, and they feel they need another one to replace it. I really feel for our offspring and what they are to face in the future, unless we have a dramatic change in Government soon.