Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Banning mobiles is the answer

Motorists who use hand-held mobile phones while driving will now face tougher penalties.

The maximum fixed penalty fine has doubled to £60, and three points can be added to offenders' licences.

I have a better idea on how to punish these people for their first offence. Instead of fining them and putting points on their license I think we should ban them from owning a mobile phone for a couple of months. Once they see that they can’t do without their mobile phone they will actually obey the law. If they don’t have a mobile phone they can’t call anyone can they?


Stan said...

In my opinion, owning a mobile phone should require a licence - it is, after all, a radio communication device. It wouldn;t need to be expensive, but it would mean that if someone was caught using a mobile phone while driving a car you could revoke that licence.

Anonymous said...

For a site that appears on the surface to be against the current Governments controls and curbs on freedom, it is odd that you seem to have no problem with advocating your own. If you take the principle that the only way to truly stop deaths on the road is to stop ALL vehicles from driving, anything less than that is a compromise. With approximately 2 million unregistered, unlicensed and uninsured vehicles on the road, I feel that you are in danger of falling for the same old distraction techniques that are always used by NULAbour. Licence guns, unlicensd criminals still have them, license driving, unlicensed criminals still drive, license mobile phones .......

Why bother to catch the hundreds of thousands of disqualified drivers who still regularly drive when it is far easier to increase the penalties for otherwise law abiding citizens.

delroy said...

And how the hell would you adminster that?

BFB said...

Just ban it! Like Nu-Lab have banned the right to free speech.Just like Nu-Lab have banned everything they don't approve of. Just like Nu-Lab have criminalised criticising Islam, and anything else they don't like.Just like Nu-Lab have persecuted the BNP for having the gaul to oppose their 'experiment'.

Basically, JUST BAN IT!

Stan said...

"And how the hell would you adminster that?"

What a mobile phone licence? Why would that be hard to administer? After all the BBC manages to administer an annual TV licence OK, we have driving licences and the private sector seems to manage administering millions of credit cards, loyalty cards and membership cards adequately. Why couldn't we do the same with mobiles.

It wouldn't even need to be renewed annually - it could be a one off or renewed every five years or so. it would mean that before anyone can buy a mobile they'd have to pop along to their town hall, police station or local licencing office, prove who they are through the usual methods, fill in a short form, hand over a sum of cash and then they'd be issued with a credit card sized moby licence complete with magnetic strip or barcode which they could carry in their wallet or purse.

If they are caught using a mobile illegally that licence could be taken away and withheld for a period of time AND their mobile confiscated. To reapply for a new licence they would have to pay again.

I'd also add a levy on to mobile phone "sales" of say £5 so that even a "free" upgrade will incur a fee of £5. Whether the customer pays or the provider covers the cost would be up to the providers, but for every phone issued the government get £5 (including corporate phones). That money could be ploughed back into administering the licence.

Anonymous - by your own argument why bother having driving licences? Just because I am opposed to government OVER regulation and interfering in the private lives of a nations subject DOES NOT MEAN I believe in NO REGULATIONS.