Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Most burgled country in Europe

Britain is the most burgled country in Europe, a disturbing crime survey reveals.

Levels of assault are also the highest across the EU, while car theft, robbery and sex offences are well above average.

The prison population in England and Wales has soared to record levels of more than 80,000 - up from around 60,000 in 1997 when Labour came to power - leaving the system in crisis as ministers struggle against chronic and worsening overcrowding.

Opponents of imprisonment claim the jails are full because of a Draconian approach to law and order which sees too many criminals locked up.

But the EU report suggests that in fact levels of crime in the UK are so high that it would be justified to imprison even greater numbers of offenders.

This is why the law abiding public should be allowed to have a gun in their possession. If they are being robbed they should have every right to kill whoever is on their property without their permission.

Criminals only understand one thing and that is violence. If they were physically attacked every time they committed a crime they would think twice before committing another one. Criminals should be in fear of their lives if they are committing a crime.

Hat tip: A Tangled Web.

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