Thursday, February 01, 2007

January 2007 roundup

At the end of last year I did an end of year report blogging about what had happened during the year. I liked it so much that I have decided to do a monthly one. So here goes…

At the start of the year the European Union became bigger when Bulgaria and Romania entered. A wave of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania are expected to add to numbers of immigrants that the government has already been underestimating.

They don’t seem to care about immigrants as they couldn’t care less if they vandalise cars or go to the start of the queue and get kidneys that Brits need.

In an effort to show they care the government decided to unveil their new boarder police but they forgot to say that half of the boarder police will be desk workers.

The European Union were found to be severely incompetent when they revealed that they can only account for 7% of the budget.

Our ever diminishing military became smaller when the government decided to halve the size of the navy but atleast they are trying to retain soldiers by making them and their families homeless if they actually leave which is a bit dumb considering our troops are less equipped than the Estonians.

There were calls for the ‘BNP ballerina’ to be sacked for being vocal in her opinions. No one told the hacks that she became vocal only after she was outed as a BNP member.

It emerged that Britain is becoming a more dangerous place as only 1% of crimes actually lead to a conviction and only half of those that are caught are actually sent to court. Even if they do get a conviction what’s it worth when even sex offenders are released early and those that aren’t released early are on the brink of re-offending?

Blair decided he was sick of not being able to catch criminals and put them in prison so decided to go after people that haven’t even committed crimes and punish them instead. This was all happening as prison officers were told to create a "cosy, friendly atmosphere" by letting prisoners control the prisons and paying foreign prisoners to go home if they wanted to but only 52 wanted to go home.

While we don’t have enough prison places, money that could have went towards them went to redesigning prison toilets to make them more Islam friendly.

Whites were found to be discriminated against in the education system when it was shown that none white education had an extra £178 million spent on it than white education. Is it any wonder that truancy is at its highest since 1994?

The Act of Union went by without any celebrations.

Blair decided that to be a dictator he has to crush the opposition so decided that those that don’t vote Labour will get crappy healthcare, education and policing.

Everyone knew the government was lying about everything so we weren’t surprised when MI6 stated the obvious.

40% of Muslims were found to be radical which was found to be no different than last year.

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alanorei said...

Just to say good work on all of this, as it is no doubt very time-consuming.

Also with persevering with the FOI issue with the Prison (non)Service.

At least Blair might be feeling a bit twitchy, having been interviewed by the police a second time.

They must have an old-fashioned copper running this investigation. I suppose Blair might agitate with the Home Office to have this officer replaced with someone more pc.