Sunday, February 25, 2007

How Poles deal with Brits

Britons visiting
Polandare being threatened with deportation if they are taken ill and need hospital treatment while in the country.

It follows claims from the British Medical Association that patients could be turned away from UK doctors' surgeries because they have been swamped by Eastern Europeans.

The Polish Government claims its deportation threat is legal and necessary to protect its citizens from infections from abroad.

Polish Home Ministry spokesman Witold Liwicki said: 'We have a right to protect our citizens. We're eliminating the threat of an epidemic.'

The Polish authorities claim the new law is based on an EU directive which allows exceptions to the free movement of EU citizens, including cases where they represent a threat to public health.

So while we give their citizens free medical treatment we can expect to be deported if we get ill in their country. How nice of them.

I quite like that EU directive. I am sure those Bulgarian pick pocketers represent a threat to public health especially if they assault their victims. What about those in our prisons? I am sure causing overcrowding also represents a threat to public health. Lets deport them all. Find even the smallest reason why they represent a threat to public health and deport them. Those Poles living 10 to a house are probably a threat to public health too. Lets deport the lot of them.

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