Thursday, February 22, 2007

Early Day Motion on Somaliland

Alun Michael (MP) has tabled an Early Day Motion to congratulate Somaliland on 16 years of democratic development. This Early Day Motion was only started yesterday but has already received signatures from 7 other MPs. The 7 signatures are 1 from the Lib Dems and 3 for both the Conservatives and Labour so at this time I can’t tell which party is more interested in the issue.

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Stan said...

It's good that Somaliland is starting to be taken seriously by Parliament - but not before time, either. It's my opinion that Britain really should take the lead in recognising Somaliland's status as an independent nation. After all, it was a British colony and it is, probably, the most successful democracy in Africa (and yes, I do include South Africa in that which, in my opinion, will be a basket case of Zimbabwean proportions inside the next 25 years).