Saturday, February 03, 2007

20% of home buyers are Polish

One in every five home buyers in
Britain is now a Polish immigrant, estate agents have revealed.

The new arrivals from Eastern Europe are forcing up house prices as they work tirelessly to get on the property ladder.

The migrants are selling their properties back home to raise a deposit - making it more likely they will remain in the UK for good - or taking out 100 per cent mortgages.

Some estate agents are even employing Polish staff to cope with the demand, and make transactions easier.

Experts said that, when eastern Europeans began arriving in the UK following EU expansion in May 2004, most opted to rent - pushing up rental prices for Britons seeking homes in the private sector.

But many of the 600,000 arrivals have now decided to settle here, and are seeking to buy their own property.

The result is an increase in property prices, as more buyers compete for a limited pool of homes.

In the past year, prices have increased by around 10 per cent.

The number of arrivals from eastern Europe is 20 times the Government's original estimate of only 13,000 a year.

But the Government has insisted most will eventually return home, and are taking up short-term opportunities.

They are obviously staying long term and any idiot can see this. So either the government is filled with retards or they are filled with liars.

No wonder prices of houses are so high and no wonder it is almost impossible for first time buyers to get on the property ladder. We are only going to have to build more and more houses which will mean concreting over more of our green land.

Immigrants should not be able to buy property in this country. Brits should have first choice. If they want to buy a home there are places in Poland for them.

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Tom Paine said...

Not necessarily. My wife speaks Polish and was chatting to several Polish guest workers this week in London. Most are here short-term just to earn money. Most much prefer the way of life back home.

One she was talking to had bought a house with a view to selling later for a profit in order to accelerate his return to Poland. He had lots of Polish friends similarly trying to profit from the crazy housing market in Britain.

Having lived in both countries, I can tell you that the Polish way of life is in some respects more civilised and in many respects more traditional, family-minded and patriotic. I think you will find that most will return home. A more serious worry than why they are here is how they will be replaced when our state education system is such a hopeless mess.