Saturday, February 17, 2007

Labour creates more people dependent on Labour

Labour likes to get as many people dependent on Labour for their livelihood as possible. Not content with having one third of the population dependent on the government to eat they are now giving as many people as they can jobs policing the smoking ban.

They aren’t going to stop there either. They are going to start making people have interviews to get their passport which means even more jobs will be created to interview the 600,000 yearly applicants.

How many jobs will this create? It will probably run into the thousands before we even get to the administration staff.

Labour want as many people dependent on them as possible. Those that are dependent on them will most likely vote for them so they don’t lose their jobs or money as any decent government would be rolling back the government and not creating useless jobs.

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alanorei said...

It is Orwell's 1984 but considerably later than he estimated, which, all things considered, should not in itself surprise us.