Sunday, February 18, 2007

Labour to tax you to death then tax you for dying

British drivers now pour a whopping £45 billion a year into the Treasury's overflowing coffers. When Labour came to power in 1997 it was £25 billion.

Taking into account VAT on cars and on fuel and insurance, road tax, fuel duty, parking permits and tickets, speeding fines, toll roads and congestion charges, motorists are "taxed" up to TEN times over for their cars.

But it's going to get worse. Cash taken off speeding motorists has already gone up EIGHT-FOLD since 1997 to £120 million. Yet that is about to rocket again with the number of speed cameras set to TREBLE in the next six months to 18,000.

We have taken a detailed look at exactly how Labour's policy has left Britain's motorists among the most taxed in Europe — and on the road to ruin. The government's own sums reveal:

  • FUEL TAX raises £25.2 billion — up from £19.4 billion 10 years ago
  • ROAD TAX brings in £5.5 billion, up by £1 billion.
  • VAT on car sales (£7 billion) and fuel sales (£6.8 billion) now raises £13.8 billion, an increase of £4.5 billion.
  • PARKING CHARGES and fines add another £1.2 billion — nearly double the 1997 total of £638 million.
  • COMPANY CAR TAX, which was introduced by Labour, brought in £2.7 billion last year.
  • SPEEDING FINES now add up to £120 million, up from £15.6 million in 1997.
  • CONGESTION CHARGES in London rake in another £200 million per year.

Only £7 billion was ploughed back into road-building last year. Now drivers are saying enough is enough.

WHERE'S IT ALL WASTED? THE government's review into waste showed £21.5 billion a year could be saved. The government now claims to have saved £13.3bn, but £8.2bn is still being poured down the drain.

Another study said £82bn is wasted, meaning £1 out of every £6 you give the Treasury is squandered. The MoD alone has overspent by £2.7bn on contracts while 20,000 extra administrators cost the NHS £500 million.

If Labour could get away with it they would tax your breath. The government should not be allowed to raise taxes anymore until they became more efficient and not waste tens of billions of pounds. I don’t think the government or their civil servants are responsible enough to cut waste so I think they should form an alliance with the Tax Payers Alliance. They have an agenda to make taxes as low as possible so they are the only ones that are responsible enough to help the government cut waste.

They get £25.2 billion from fuel tax. This is highway robbery. The correct fuel tax for the UK is half of what it is now meaning we should be only paying £12.6 billion.

Why do drivers have to pay road tax? I would get rid of it. It isn’t needed. I would also get rid of Company Car Tax and congestion charges. I also don’t see why drivers should be forced to buy insurance for their car. You aren’t made to get insurance for your house eventhough it is the right thing to do.

If I was in charge drivers would be paying £21 billion pounds less in tax and they would save a lot more if insurance wasn’t mandatory.

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