Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Illegal immigrant commits fraud and gets community service

AN illegal immigrant has been given 160 hours of community service after fraudulently claiming £17,000 in incapacity benefit by pretending to be someone else.

Kamal Bousbaci, 43, was ordered to pay £4000 in compensation at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday. An Algerian citizen, Bousbaci came to the UK in 1987 on a one-month visa but stayed and used the identity of Belkacem Haddadi, thought to be a French Algerian.

I bet this illegal is laughing at us. He isn’t deported and gets to keep £13,000 of the £17,000 that he took from us. What do illegals have to do to be deported?

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alanorei said...

If one of them murders two individuals in cold blood, a judge might recommend it.

See the news reports today of the gunman/knifeman who had a deprived background in Angola and Peckham.

He should be deprived of his life by a hangman's noose.