Friday, February 23, 2007

But I don't want to work...

"The world’s gone mad, what’s the point of going to slave your guts out for 40 hours? What do you get for it? Absolutely nothing." That was the response from a benefit scrounger who was told she and her husband will lose some of their benefits including job seekers’ allowance unless they actually look for work.

Anna Taylor, 26, has been off work for five years since being diagnosed with post-natal depression following the birth of her first child.

In that time she has had another four babies with husband Alan, 48, who is also unemployed.

Together the couple collect £501 a week in benefits – £179 child tax credit, £64 child benefit, £90 job seeker’s allowance, £126 housing benefit, £24 discretionary housing payment and £18 towards their council tax.

They also receive free school meals and around eight pints of milk a day, making an annual total of £26,052, or the equivalent of a £33,000-a-year salary before tax.

It might be just me with my weird ideas but I think you shouldn’t be having anymore children if you have post natal depression seeing as you only get it after child birth.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Taxpayers’ shouldn’t be subsidising people to do nothing. If they wanted to have 5 children the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for it. Child benefit should be given up until the second child. If you want more you should be the one to provide for them. If you can’t provide for your own children you shouldn’t be having any. I would get rid of the child tax credit. If you aren’t paying for your own children you don’t need child tax credit.

I would also have a pop at the Job Seeker’s Allowance too. For the first 3 months the tokens should only make up 50% of the welfare. For every month after that the tokens should make up another 10% so after 8 months all your unemployment welfare will be given out in tokens.

They don’t need housing benefit, discretionary housing payment or anything towards their council tax. I would make it so that all those on low incomes would not have to pay council tax or rent so that they wouldn’t be worse off for working.

If they did it my way instead of getting £501 per week for doing nothing they would be getting just over £100 per week for doing nothing which means instead of £33,000 per year they would get around £5,200. It’s not much but they don’t exactly earn it.

Hat tip: Bel is thinking.

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