Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blair to get his legacy

Blair may finally get his legacy but it won’t be for anything good that he has done. It will be for being the first Prime Minister to successfully commit treason.

He will travel to Berlin on March 25 to sign the 50-page agreement, Declaration on the Future of Europe.

The proposals are as follows:

· A PERMANENT, unelected, president of the European Union who will speak as a sole voice for the whole of Europe and serve a five-year term.

· FULL-TIME foreign and defence ministers to represent Europe — which means powers like China and America will by-pass Britain and speak directly to them.

· A REFORMED European parliament, empowered to draw up more of its own laws. Britain would lose the ability to veto its decisions — and each member state's own government will lose the right to "opt out" of EU laws and treaties.

That will mean that Mr Blair's successor will be unable to renegotiate ANY of the European treaties.

I can only hope that Blair is assassinated or there is a successful Motion of No Confidence before he signs it into law, both, unfortunately aren’t likely to happen.

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alanorei said...

Agreed, though all prime ministers since and including Heath are guilty of treason, Lady Thatcher included.

They have all kept Britain in the EU.

Anyone, not just a PM, approving of Britain's membership of the EU is effectively guilty of treason.