Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wheelchair user conflict

Using the Freedom of Information Act can be an interesting thing especially when you find stupid things going on. About 3 weeks ago I asked for all the research that has been carried out by the Department of Transport and the Department of Health over a 2 year period. The DoH hasn’t got back to me yet but the DoT has.

I asked what research has been cancelled in the last 2 years and they said that 2 pieces had and they described them. Anyway that isn’t really important. I also asked for the research that was started in the last 2 years and they gave huge amounts with the names of the projects. One of the projects was called Wheelchairs and Buggies on Buses. Yes that’s right. I am not joking.

They didn’t tell me anything about the research so I had to look it up myself on the internet and found that they want to do research so they can understand the conflict between wheelchair users, buggy users and other passengers on buses; and identify some potential solutions.

The final sum of the research will come to £29,150 and is due to last more than 2 years. I hope they can understand the conflict between buggy users and wheelchair users by then or they have just wasted £29,150 and 2 years.

There are still plenty of projects I haven’t looked at yet and if there is one as daft as this I will share it with you. If you want to get the whole file tell me and I will email it to you.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Thought I'd pop by and say hello. Visiting those blopower blogs I've not sampled yet. As one of the movement's newer adherants, thought it'd be an idea to meet one of the more- controversial- members.
I think it's fair that we will not have a lot of common ground in terms of lifeview. But that's good. We come here to exchange ideas, to see another man's point of view. I'm with Voltaire on this. I don't agree with what you say- and I know you won't agree with me on many things but I know that there is one thing we would agree on. We would, I think fight to the death for eachother's right to say it.
As I seem to be in the same multi-flow ideas exchange as yourself, I will adopt the same rules to you s to the other guys. Now I'm in, I will comment on all blogs contained therein, though obviously not daily, I do have too ful a schedule for that. I also sincerel invite yoour comment at Crushed by Ingsoc.

Nice to have met you.

PS I'm a liberal of the real meaning of the word, not the statist type. I think at as wrong to discrimiate aginst someone for their stance as it isd to discriminate for any othe reason. See you soon.

youdontknowme said...

I believe in complete freedom of speech too. I like real liberals (those that actually believe in freedom).

I will comment on your blog whenever I have something to say. Thanks for the invite.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

A pleasure.

As you get to know me you will realise I say what I think, not fit in with someone's ideas of whatother people bo my supposed place in he spectrum as being.
That's what liberalism- as opposed to Liberalism is.

A fair fight, an intellectual fight, a we'll have a pint afterwards fight, that's what I'm here for.

See you soon.

alanorei said...

Looks interesting.

For some strange reason, I still cannot post a comment without signing in via google, i.e. I can't get on directly from the blog, because my password isn't recognised.

youdontknowme said...

Your other account became obsolete a few weeks ago when they changed over. you can only use google accounts now.

alanorei said...


It seems to recognise me now.

MuseinMeltdown said...

I have become an expert on wheelchairs in the last few months - and before that I am sure I held the world record for collapsing a double buggie, whilst restraining two small toddlers from commiting harikari on being released, with shopping under an arm, all this before the bus driver drove off laughing without us.

Would someone be interested in a demonstration? !! I will only charge reasonable expenses - £29,000 or so.

Brilliant post - thank you. Shani

youdontknowme said...


james higham said...

...the conflict between wheelchair users, buggy users and other passengers on buses...

This is it - the start of the Final Conflict. Apocadoom.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

"the conflict between wheelchair users, buggy users and other passengers on buses"

It is the consideration of the panel that the following proposal should apply to England only with the Assemblies in Scotland and Wales given the choice to accept or refuse said proposal by a free vote in their aforementioned Assemblies.

It is without doubt that the potential for loss of life or harm to innocent people and bystanders that the "Wheelbound operators encatment" law to be introduced into statute.

The purpose of this law is to enable those who are wheelbound and those who interact with wheelbound users to promote sensible policies and prevent harassment and victimisation of both parties.

The main two points to be enabled within civic law are thus;

1. It will be a criminal offence to use a wheelbound vehicle without due care and attention on public transport, it will also be a criminal offence to use said wheelbound manual transportation device as an obstruction.

2. Non wheelbound public transport users will also be committing a criminal offence should they willfully or negligently obstruct the passage of said mode of transport on buses, trains, ocean liners, airplanes and bicycles.

In both cases the offences will be punishable by an on the spot fine of 80 pounds to be enforced by newly appointed plain clothed wheelchair and buggy transportation advisors (aka The Stazi). These on the spot fines will not be open to defence in a court of law as under the Legislative reform bill everyone is guilty unless we say so.

Thank you, that will be £29,000 please